What is 100xCoin

Published 30 September 2021
What is 100xCoin


What is 100xCoin?

100xCoin is a deflationary meme token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The creator of 100xCoin aims to popularize the blockchain technology. The project focuses on transparency, reliability, education and community.

100xCoin Price

10% of each transaction’s amount is charged as a commission. Thus, 100X remains in short supply due to its deflationary nature and has preconditions for a price increase. Of the 10% commission, 7% is burned, 1.5% is deposited in the company’s marketing wallet, and another 1.5% is added to liquidity. This model is not implemented on WhiteBIT. But on the exchange, users are able to trade 100X quickly and conveniently with low commissions and many trading instruments.

What can 100xCoin be used for?

  • For trading.
  • To pay for goods and services.

How to purchase 100X

100X cryptocurrency cannot be purchased with cash. Register on WhiteBIT if you haven’t already and buy DECL. Then place an order to buy 100X at a suitable price.


Using an order on WhiteBIT.

The minimum order on WhiteBIT is 5 USDT.

- Register on WhiteBIT.
- Buy DECL.
- Place an order to buy 100X for DECL.