What is AGRS

Published 21 October 2021
What is AGRS


What is AGRS?

AGRS is an internal cryptocurrency of the Agoras project. The platform deals with trading computing power and software codes, allowing users to exchange, buy, and sell them using AGRS tokens.

The platform is built on the blockchain that is written in the Tau-Chai programming language. A distinctive feature of this blockchain is its flexibility, which means that it does not need to be hard forked if it needs to make any changes. All decisions about making changes to the platform operation are made through community voting. It is the main difference between the Tau-Chai blockchain and Ethereum or Bitcoin networks.

AGRS price

The Agoras cryptocurrency (AGRS) started to be traded on exchanges at the end of August 2015, when its rate was $0.16. For several years, the token price was at approximately the same level, and the real growth began at the end of 2017 when the token reached $3.42. If you want to know the current value of the AGRS cryptocurrency, use the WhiteBIT Trade tab.

AGRS perspectives

A great advantage of the Agoras platform lies in its flexible blockchain, which provides the project with a perspective for future development. The AGRS token rate depends on the project development because the tokens belong to the platform ecosystem. With the growth and development of the project, its token will also grow in price.

Where to buy AGRS?

You can buy the AGRS token on the WhiteBIT exchange using the desktop version or the mobile app. If you do not have an account on the platform, you can sign up with no trouble. Next, find the Trade tab, select the cryptocurrency you need from the list and place an order. Orders on WhiteBIT are executed in a split second, and you get a token to your balance.

It is not the only way to buy cryptocurrency. You can also use WhiteBIT’s P2P platform called Bitcoin Global.

On the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency platform, each user will find something for themselves.


How to convert AGRS into BTC?
You can convert the AGRS digital currency into BTC in your WhiteBIT account. You can buy and sell AGRS on the site, as well as use the Bitcoin Global P2P platform.
What is the AGRS to BTC exchange limit?
The WhiteBIT platform allows you to exchange any number of units since there is no maximum limit.
ADK to BTC. Detailed information about the rate
To find out the current situation on the market and the current rate of AGRS to BTC, use the Trade tab of the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange.

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