AMA with BERRY | Transcript

Published 21 November 2021
AMA with BERRY | Transcript


Q: Why don’t you have a full-fledged website that would tell people about your project? Tell us what your project is about. Why did you call your project Berry and have such a logo?

A: We are working on a website now. We will come up with a full-fledged website soon.

Berry Store is a donation auction platform where high-value-added items from celebrities, influencers, and companies are available. There is no specific meaning in our project name Berry. We selected Berry because this name was the best among other candidates. It is catchy, cute, and gives positive images. Since we stick to the name “BERRY”, we made a similar logo.

Q: One of the important topics for BerryStore is “Donation”. How will you approach the donation issue? What new features will your platform bring to users, what problems of the donation culture will it solve?

A: The overarching issue of donation is embezzlement. Berry Store adopted blockchain technology to solve this issue.

The attractive new feature of Berry Store is that it doesn’t force users to donate. Donation is a synergistic factor that encourages sellers (celebrities) and buyers (fans) to participate in Berry Store content. Donation takes place after the auction and raffles under the name of item or talent seller. Celebrities can make a profit and make a transparent donation, while buyers get their favorite celebrities’ items and talents. Fan participation and purchase are meaningful since fans contribute to building their celebrities’ image.

Q: NFTs are hot trending now. Do you have a play-to-earn in your platform? If so, can you tell us your plans for your project in NFTs?

A: Yes, we do. NFT is in our plan. We have planned to actualize NFT during the fourth quarter.

We are planning to create an NFT of our celebrities, influencers, and athletes. We might trade by auction or add in the lucky box category. Please stay tuned!

Q: “An application where you can invite your favorite star to your place for an event and purchase celebrities’ cherished items and meal tickets so that you can have a meal with your favorite star.” – how exactly are you going to attract stars to your app? Is there already someone with whom you have agreed on a partnership? Is your application already working?

A: We’ve created an environment where stars as sellers can take their needs by joining Berry Store. They can promote themselves, build good images, and make a profit if they want.

We have entered partnerships with entertainment companies. A very recent partnership was with Onoppa, a TicToker who has over 20 million followers. Besides, we have recruited Haha, Astro, and Super Juniors.

Our app had already launched.

Q: You have some cases in your whitepaper as an example of how your app is going to work like

– BTS’s Cherished item 

– Ticket of Visiting Justin Bieber’s Studio 

– Lunch with Apple CEO, Tim Cook 

Are those your cases? Can anyone try to sell things like that on your platform? How are you going to check if those things (that someone is going to sell) are legit?

A: No, those are not our cases. Those are a few examples of available items and talent categories in the Berry Store.

Now, we treat only celebrities and companies’ items or talents. We have been receiving items or negotiating with them for their items and talents. We check whether those items and talents are legit or not before uploading them to the Berry Store.

Q: How to make your project successful in the future? How do you promote your project in your local community or outside your country? Finally, what is the vision and mission of your project, and is this project long-term?

A: At this moment, the best way to make a project successful is collaborating with celebrities with big fandoms to secure a user pool.

We have been promoting our application through online and offline AD. Besides, we are seeking chances to participate in AMAs, Meetups, and conferences. A listing will also be one of the great ways to promote our project.

Q: Tell us about your plans for 2022. What is your roadmap? What was the best thing that happened to your project this year?

A: In 2022, our plan would be mainly listing application transformation, NFT, and global expansion.

Our Roadmap for 2022 will be updated soon on our whitepaper. Please check the detailed Roadmap once it is updated.