AMA with CXRBN | Transcript

Published 20 November 2021
AMA with CXRBN | Transcript


Q: This year, a lot of crypto-eco-friendly projects appeared on the market. Some chose to support this theme only because they realized it could make them popular, but not because they truly care about the environment. What motivated you to make eco-related projects, and aren’t you afraid to be “one of many others”? What makes you unique?

A: Great question, and I am pleased to say that we have physical involvement in carbon reduction and being green. As we speak, I am in the Scottish countryside with government and council officials looking at sites for Solar developments. At Carbon, we are heavily involved in carbon reduction and renewable projects, helping the world become carbon-neutral. We are also involved in partnerships with several companies, including an app used by top-tier companies to measure carbon and give rewards, which can be converted into CXRBN also. With our coin, people have the option to redeem certified carbon credits, which proves that there is a real-world application.

Q: Why did you choose the ERC-20 model? After all, BEP-20 is much greener and more economical in terms of commissions. Do you plan to start working with other blockchains in the future?

A: We chose ERC-20 because it’s most commonly recognized and used by the general blockchain community. It was important for us to be easily accessible and able to be held in wallets used by the majority. It was also in top consideration due to the number of technical updates.

We are certainly open to new blockchains in the future

Q: During the build of your project, did you take into account any of the community feedback or demands to further expand the new ideas for the project?

A: Absolutely! We took everyone who has been involved on board and built what people wanted. The Carbon Coin was actually manufactured backwards to solve a problem that we knew the solution to, rather than built-in hope. Some of our trading partners are the largest energy companies in the world, and they all have to offset their carbon. Blockchain technology has completely renovated this process for them. Thus, we know we are doing the right thing, thanks to our supporting members and partners.

Q: The value of the Carbon coin will be backed by three carbon removal tools. So, can you talk a bit about these tools and how they are integrated into the benefits of carbon offsetting, plus a tokenized model of a charred asset or credit? How do you promote renewable energy?

A: There are a few questions in one there, so I shall try to explain more about the Carbon Coin, which should cover it! The Carbon Coin acts as a renewable and carbon offsetting project developer, and our coin can be converted to carbon credits, which is a tool to offset your carbon emissions directly. We are actively looking for sites to develop solar farms and generate green energy. The companies that we work with will have the option to buy CXRBN to prove they are also carbon-neutral.

Q: Is your project about helping our environment only in terms of the Internet sphere and blockchain technologies, or do you have some real-life solutions? Like planting trees / donating assets to some organizations / technical solutions.

A: This has been partially covered in other answers, but we are certainly helping the environment in a physical sense. The certified carbon credits that we are involved in are a reforestation project in Brazil. It’s a great project, adding real benefit to the environment.

Q: According to your website, Carbon Coin plans to “invest in renewable energy projects such as solar farms”. Can you tell us the name of the renewable projects you are planning to invest in, and can we also participate in them?

A: The projects themselves don’t quite have names, but perhaps, we could throw this to the community for suggestions! We do put them into separate SPVs, but they are really exciting! We have two sites right now that are about to go through planning, one in Wales and one in Hook. Together they will generate around 25MW and power thousands of homes. Scotland is also very promising. Unfortunately, due to the NDA and the nature of our partners, I can’t say too much at this point, but we are very excited about the opportunities and the scale of our projects. I look forward to updating more in due course on these!

Also, regarding participation, by supporting our project, you are participating, so thank you. If there is an opportunity for direct participation, I shall certainly structure something.

Q: I couldn’t find the roadmap on your website. Tell us about your plans for the upcoming year, and what is your biggest achievement so far?

A: To be honest, we exceeded our initial roadmap, so I guess that is an achievement itself! There are so many great things to mention, such as a great presale of 4.4m tokens, signing up huge companies, and obtaining the first solar sites, but I think, in the current climate of business, listing on WhiteBIT and getting the project alive has to be the greatest achievement. As for the future, we will continue to find more opportunities, and we will continue to grow our supporters and the value of our collective project. The next steps are definitely to keep pushing hard and make CXRBN the cryptocurrency of the green world, making it the currency of choice in our industry. We are also proud members of the Crypto Climate Accord, and we advise multiple huge blockchain companies on how to calculate and reduce their carbon footprint. I’m sure that there will be further development!

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