AMA with EMPIRE | Transcript

Published 17 November 2021
AMA with EMPIRE | Transcript


Q: What is the meaning of the name of the project, and why did you name it that way?

A: Well, we are building an EMPIRE of use cases. We wanted to have a name that reflects our ambitions. Most projects have one use case, if any. We have 6+ use cases just to build the foundation to establish ourselves to build more and more use cases.

Q: Each project has interesting stories before it is created. So can you tell people about the story that gave you the motivation to build and develop a great project like yours?

A: Let’s establish one thing first. We do not have answers to any questions beforehand. So please, be patient with me while I’m typing.

Basically, I was in many projects as an investor, and I realized that I was doing a lot for the benefit of others. I figured out then that I have all it takes to start a project myself. But one cannot do it alone, so I started reaching out to people from the space, who are my teammates now, and they all loved the idea.

We have been scammed and rugged many times. So we asked ourselves why not start something ourselves. The decision was made to start a project. We studied the market well to find a gap. That’s where the idea of EMPIRE came from. For example, the NFT marketplace idea came from a need to allow investors to actually make use of their NFTs.

Where did our licensing idea come from? We wanted to be the bridge between the crypto/blockchain world and the real world. Connecting these two is what we are doing.

Q: What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team lead the market? In contrast, what is your weakness? How do you plan to overcome it?

A: I believe our advantage is the ideas we have. We are always trying and so far delivering in being revolutionary. We have the brains that are needed to take EMPIRE to the place it deserves to be. And, of course, our community. Our community has been described as a meme project community because of their behavior and the way they love EMPIRE.

So, innovation is what we promise to always bring to the table, and that will always be our strongest advantage.

Of course, we also come with many challenges that we need to overcome. One is finding more and more good team members. We are growing rapidly, but our team isn’t. Hiring people online isn’t the best option. Our solution, which is being worked on now, is to have a more detailed process to hire people to have them under a contract. And soon enough, to have an office to have people to come to as a regular job. Till that happens, I believe this is our biggest challenge in this space. Don’t think that’s the only one, but yes, that’s a weakness.

Another one is the marketing budget. We have spent lots of money on marketing. But if you ask me, hundreds of thousands of dollars isn’t enough. We’re about to spend millions. Sooner than later, I hope.

Q: How did you get the community involved in the development of the EMPIRE project? And how do you build a strong community to grow globally?

A: Well, here is the thing, we only share details of things that are almost coming out. We believe that actions speak louder than words. The community always hears good news in good time and gives feedback in testing phases. We stay true to ourselves and to the community, and always do what’s best for our investors. We believe that the love and loyalty we give will return. It’s the best feeling in the world. In a space full of disappointments, we can be a source to provide some hope to people.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great projects out there. So, we’re not saying everyone is good, or everyone is bad. Just saying, many people have been scammed, including myself and my team members. So, being true and genuine is what attracts the love of the community.

Q: EMPIRE Token already started the Beta version of NFT Marketplace, congrats. What unique features will this platform have in order to attract NFT creators and traders against the existing competitors?

A: Thank you. Well, we will have the ETH main net available soon and the Solana chain right afterwards. We give other projects the opportunity to partner with us, which allows them to mint their collection in their native token and have the collection traded for their token. We will also have a launchpad for big NFT collections soon. And, of course, bulk upload functionality. Once all is done, we will have the first-of-its-kind licensing mechanism that allows NFT owners to lend the rights of usage for their belongings to others.

Q: Many artists have expressed concerns about minting their work, as they are concerned about the environmental impact of their activities. What is EMPIRE doing to minimize the environmental impact of minting and trading NFTs?

A: Well, we are a token, not a coin, for now at least, so we don’t have to deal with environmental concerns for the time being. That’s up to the chains we are on. We have no hidden costs on our platform.

Q: What security system you created in the workmanship of your platform already existed in the audit or cooperation for the security of the EMPIRE token platform?

A: Security is a huge topic, of course. Whatever we do is never enough. We took all basic steps on our servers as a start. Then, we partnered with Certik for an audit and for their Skynet, which monitors all activities. This was initially done for our EMPIRE token contract only, but we then added it for all three contracts on our NFT marketplace. It will be added to all future NFT-contracts and to goosebumps contracts. Goosebumps is our upcoming Dex with charts and portfolio tracking functionalities.

Q: Can you provide the project roadmap and tell us a little about your plans for 2021 and your plans for the next year?

A: Well, that might take hours, but here is a summary of what we have discussed so far.

We have a top tier 1 exchange listing this month (can be two).

We have the ETH mainnet coming to our NFT marketplace next week.

We have our Goosebumps Dex launching this month as beta.

We have the Solana chain for our NFT marketplace. I believe this month.

We have what we call “our super app” that will be available by the end of the year or in early January.
We are working on a marketing strategy across different platforms and countries as well.