AMA with Hampton Metaverse | Transcript

Published 04 February 2022
AMA with Hampton Metaverse | Transcript


Q: What’s your project idea? What problem do you want to solve? What innovations will you bring to the crypto world?

A: The project is created to build data infrastructure to solve the complex privacy issue in asset management in the metaverse. We want to build a decentralized platform where users can manage their assets to avoid data control by giants like Google and Facebook with blockchain technology. As for the metaverse developers, they won’t need to manage users’ assets to avoid regulation concerns.

Q: Tell me about your token. What role does it play in your ecosystem, and how can it be used?

A:Currently, we use ERC-20 tokens, but we will switch to our own coins after launching the mainnet.

The coins will be used for payments, asset management for the metaverse users and developers, staking, and node incentives.

Q: Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or is it only intended for professional users?

A: It’s for both metaverse users and developers. We build the platform for the next-generation Internet to solve the metaverse problems. I believe everyone will join the metaverse one day because it allows people to manage data.

Q: Asset management in the metaverse is something new to me. Does HMETA have a Product Demo like videos, testnet, or GitHub source code? 

A: We will release the proof of concept by the end of this month. It includes a Demo.

Our GitHub is at Our testnet will be released in April.

Q: Do you have any NFT plans? Also, do you have any passive income options and incentivization rewards for long-term holders?

A: We expect 1% of assets in the metaverse to be NFTs and 99% – low-value or no-value assets. HMETA platform will manage low-value or no-value assets with the internal NFT system. Valued assets will be managed with public NFTs. HMETA will integrate ERC721 NFT for public asset management.

For passive income and incentives, we have SMART Staking plans on WhiteBIT. You can hold and earn the interests.

Q: Do you agree that an active community will contribute to your project’s growth and greater global adoption? Will you leverage its power to attract investors/users to your platform?

A: I totally agree. We are currently focussing on community building. We want our community members to be the first metaverse users to manage their assets.

When we launch our testnet, I will invite the WhiteBIT community to try our products out. Community support will definitely help our project.

Q: As a new project, does HMETA have a program for ambassadors to attract more new users?

A:As far as I know, we don’t have any ambassadors yet. We spend most of the time on product development. I think that’s a great idea. I will let our marketing team know about this.

Q: Share your plans for the future. What goal do you want to achieve, and how will you make your project better?

A: Firstly, we want to make sure our products are released on time. We have partnered with some game studios, and they want to integrate with our products. We plan to work with 3 to 5 metaverse studios to test the products. Secondly, we want to promote data privacy. Currently, users have no opportunity to manage their data. We will provide the options for the next generation of the Internet. It’s not like everyone will switch from Google or Facebook to decentralized data management. Our goal is to provide this choice for the metaverse users. Lastly, we will work with blockchain communities. These great people believe in data privacy and decentralized technology. They will inspire us to make the product better.