АМА with KleeKai | Transcript

Published 15 November 2021
АМА with KleeKai | Transcript


Q: You launched your project on the Ethereum network. Why did you decide to do that? What are the advantages?

A: The KleeKai project was launched on the Ethereum blockchain to ensure it remains competitive with other dog tokens: Kishu, Shiba Inu, and Floki. While the GAS fees can be pretty high at times, we hope that ETH 2.0 can be released sooner to keep the transaction fees lower. The advantage of the Ethereum network is that everyone is familiar with it, making our buying process as simple as possible while being exposed to a huge market of potential investors. Furthermore, Ethereum allows us to bridge to many other blockchains, which is crucial for our cross-chain gaming future.

The bridging possibilities are essential for our future play-to-earn plans. They will help us make our game KleeRun accessible to people around the world.

Q: The play-to-earn market is growing at a fast pace, so what are KleeKai devs planning to take KleeRun to the next level. Will there be more games added to the platform?

A: We are taking a different approach with our play-to-earn mechanism, which will make it more accessible for the less fortunate. It’s really important for us to have the play-to-earn game available to those who really need it. KleeRun is set to expand into the global NFT space as well. Currently, we are progressing well to add more features into the current game, including new sceneries, characters, and character skins!

To take it to the next level, we are talking with several big parties about a potential partnership. New games are something we are considering as well for in the future. Our main focus, for now, is to make KleeRun as good as we can.

Q: Where does the income in your game come from? Does the player get tokens per game, or does the player get a random NFT item that he can sell for wins? How does this work?

A: Our game KleeRun will distribute tokens to holders every time they complete a run within the game. I can’t give too much away about the actual mechanism and additional NFT store coming just yet. However, it is going to be very exciting, and of course, each NFT within the store will inherit value. We are taking a very different approach to our play-to-earn mechanism, which will help us to bring it to the less fortunate out there.

Besides, our game won’t be the only way to earn income. Our token has a 2% redistribution mechanism, meaning every holder earns passive income each time a purchase or sale takes place!

Q: You have your own game. What do you need it for? Don’t you think that it is more important to develop earning tools for crypto holders?

A: The KleeRun game is the first real utility for our project. It’s a fun and interactive game which will soon be completed with a working play-to-earn mechanism for redistribution of tokens earned during gameplay. Further development of our project will see some exciting features, be sure to have a look at our socials and see what we have coming up!

It will be a unique way of earning some money that can be life-changing for many people in developing countries.

Q: The question about the game is, do you plan to release the ability to add or create your own NFT-skins (maps, dogs, etc.)?

A: Giving our players the possibility to create their own NFT-skins isn’t something we have thought about yet, but it’s sure something to consider! We love to listen to the suggestions of our community, and if this is something they would like to see, we would most definitely explore the possibilities.

In fact, during one of our latest AMA’s we had within our own Telegram channel, we asked the community what they would like to see in the KleeRun game, and lots of amazing ideas were proposed that the team is currently looking into.

Q: Don’t you think that being a meme token and launching your own games can scare away series traders from your projects? Or you are not looking for them, why so?

A: Meme tokens generally don’t provide the utility with their projects. However, we have decided to expand our meme token and enter the DeFi space with our first game, KleeRun. Serious investors will understand that our project is going to help the people in need, who will soon be able to earn enough money to put food on their dinner table just by playing our game, which is something we are really excited about!

Q: You have a Website Redesign as the next step in your roadmap, have to admit that I’m in love with it the way it is now 🙂 Tell me how you came up with your logo, identity and aren’t you afraid to be unnoticed among hundreds of dog-crypto projects? 

A: Thank you! If you like the website already, we will think that you will love the redesign we have planned for this year 😄

The logo is our mascot, the Klee Kai dog. This breed of dog is very rare and unique. It’s energetic and curious, and it’s perfect for our project, as we always look for ways to innovate with a team that is really passionate about Crypto.

We aren’t afraid of being unnoticed as we work on our utility, something that many other dog projects don’t do. We believe that with our vision, KleeKai will be one of the leading dogs in the Crypto space.

Q: What other tools/products are you planning to have within your ecosystem except for the play-to-earn game?

A: At the moment, we are focused on developing the play-to-earn mechanism. The usual play-to-earn games in the Crypto space require NFTs, which increase a lot in price and make it less accessible for people with little money. We will have a different approach to this, so we can reach people in developing countries to really make an impact on their lives with our game. In time, KleeRun will be expanded to adopt the global NFT space, allowing holders to buy and earn NFTs connected to our game. This is just a small step in our ecosystem development.

We can’t wait to deliver the exciting plans we have for our community 😄

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