AMA with MiniDoge | Transcript

Published 24 November 2021
AMA with MiniDoge | Transcript


Q: Why did you choose this name for your project? You say MiniDoge will become the future currency on Earth but are you sure that a meme token can do that? How are you different from other “dog” projects?

A: The reason we chose the name is centered around the meme nature of Doge coins and the virality which would come with it. We certainly achieved that when we’ve hit a $354 million market cap in only 3 days!

Although the meme name is fun, we created the roadmap of this project, knowing we didn’t want to stop. A lot of Doge-themed projects rely solely on their name for hype. Our NFT assets can be used, sold, and purchased inside our MiniPets Marketplace!

Q: The “story” about MiniDoge is very interesting and touching, I’m sure that you wrote it with all your heart. So, what was your main inspiration in creating this amazing project? And what makes you believe that the MiniDoge success story will come true?

A: Of course, we feel like every project needs a story to tell. MiniDoge’s story is definitely one to tell. It allows us to add pieces to the project. For example, our wonderful community may suggest short stories and films, books, and other things.

Our aspiration and belief centers around our team. We will continue to work, build, and develop all parts of our roadmap. We won’t stop until we get there. Also, having such an amazing and vibrant community bolsters our confidence. They are always fully supportive. Our community helps to shape our culture.

Q: I see that you share the team openly on your website. This is good for transparency and credibility. Can you tell us something about your team’s background and previous experience? Did you have any previous crypto projects, or is MiniDoge your first project?

A: Yes, transparency is everything in cryptocurrency. Previously, no one would come out, and there were only a handful of projects that were actually doxxed. We saw an opportunity to change that. We believe in transparency. It should be the backbone of any project on any chain.

Our team has vast experience in business operations, business marketing, as well as experience in cryptocurrency on the investor side. Every member in some way has been a part of crypto projects.

MiniDoge is our second successful BSC project. We learned a lot from our first project and continue to learn every single day. We aren’t perfect, but we don’t make the same mistakes twice.

Q: Tell us about your app. Why did you decide to make it? Is there a possibility for users to earn money? What can you do there? Is it just a game or something more?

A: Our app will be called MiniPets. It will start as a mobile application on Android and IOS with the plan to expand to platforms like PC, Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox, as well as through partnerships I myself will build and develop.

We decided to make MiniPets because we believe it will be heavily adopted across all ages inside and outside the cryptospace. This will allow younger children as well as older adults to learn about cryptocurrency while enjoying the open-world game that has some PVP aspects. Users are able to earn Minis inside the game by completing daily tasks, jobs, quests and winning matches in The Arena. Users will be responsible for caring for their pet to ensure it remains healthy. The more assets you acquire in the game (land, jobs, XP), the more the value of your pet increases. You get NFTs that you can sell on the marketplace.

Minis earned in the game can be converted into actual MNDOGE tokens. Holders of MNDOGE are rewarded with 40% of all revenue from our MiniPets game.

Our app is already launched.

Q: One of the MiniDoge features called MiniDoge AutoBoost caught my attention. So, can you explain to us in more detail how it works, and what makes this feature different from other buyback systems?

A: Yes, MiniDoge was the first AutoBoost token that pioneered the way for other projects to begin adopting this code as well. AutoBoost is an automated variable buyback system that will automatically adjust and buy back certain amounts depending on the average volume of trading in a set duration of time. AutoBoost buys back tokens on every sale that occurs. This amount will vary based on volume and is fully automated.

Q: How far out are you on the development of the game? When will we hear about alpha, beta etc.?

A: Of course, the MiniPets game is currently in development. We plan to have some updates within the coming days/weeks. When developing an entire open-world game, there are a ton of pieces to include, so this takes time for any gaming developer. Our development team is working extremely hard, and very soon, we will have screenshots, teasers, and gameplay footage. We will use that to rally a huge marketing push prior to the game release.

Q: You say that your project is related to charity. Could you tell us more about it? What kinds of organizations do you work with, and how do you choose them? How to donate money to your project?

A: Our project is an NFT/Open World gaming project with a charitable aspect. We have chosen to make donations to charities centered around animal cruelty and animal rescue operations. We have donated $100,000 USD to Hope For Paws just shortly after we launched our project. When we get closer to donation milestones, we will allow our community to vote on potential future charities.

Q: I would like to look closer at your roadmap. What are your plans for the next year? What should be done by the end of this year from your side? What is your team’s greatest achievement this year?

A: The plans for our roadmap is to release our MiniPets game on IOS and Android and to launch it on other gaming platforms I mentioned earlier. I plan to partner with large brands in the technology space that I am already in talks with. Of course, I won’t be able to name them until we have finalized everything.

By the end of 2021, we plan to release our first 10 NFTs for in-game characters. The launch of DogeEx is right around the corner as well. As we continue the development of our MiniPets game, we plan to pair the trailer and gameplay releases with marketing material in the coming weeks.

Our team is most proud of the journey we have been on. We will continue to work hard around the clock to ensure we are producing the best technology out there to contribute to the mass adoption of blockchain.