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Published 30 October 2021
AMA with | Transcript


Q: “PokerFi comes to bring knowledge of the cryptocurrency universe to poker players.” Please, tell us about your action plan on it. How are you going to educate the poker community?

A: This plan is already happening: we are making the presentation of the project by video call to poker team leaders, as well as to agents and club owners. As for the NFTs that we will have on the platform, we will make them useful. Besides you having admiration for that art, it will bring you benefits. We will make special freeroll tournaments to participate in which you will need to have NFT of PokerFi.

One of our NFT strategies is the following: we make an offer to a Professional Poker player who has many followers to make NFTs of their own, where they will earn from 40 to 50% of the amount collected from sales. A part of this collected value will be directed to special freeroll tournaments that will take place on our platform. To participate, you need an NFT of that player, and we can also make a special tournament where the artist of that NFT can play in the tournament with his fans.

Q: Is it necessary for you to have your own NFT platform? As for new projects, it seems that all of them are trying to combine all the cool features in them. However, what is the sense of it if you are not going to succeed in any of them while trying to chase all those trends?

A: NFTs will be used strategically. In addition to the art itself, the people who purchase them will have access to special tournaments where NFTs will serve as tickets. Thus, we are giving them real use.

Q: What benefits will poker players have with the PokerFi platform?

A: The benefits are outlined in our White paper. We will give a bigger rakeback for the poker players that can reach up to 70%. A PokerFi player will also have a percentage on the rake profit, NFT, and MarketPlace, all referring to the number of coins they have. It is quite usual for a poker player to leave money lying around on poker platforms, which we call a bankroll. That money does not earn you anything, but at PokerFi, if you leave a part of that bankroll there, it will pay you dividends in BUSD. If it is attractive for a player, imagine how great it would be for poker team owners having from 10 to 1000 players. They have to leave a high amount of money on those platforms so that when the player needs to contribute more, it is available there. This money, if applied in the PokerFi currency, which will also be used as a bankroll, will give you passive income.

Q: If I store my coins on the centralized exchange but not in my wallet, will I get any profit? And if not, where do all those assets go?

A: By storing PokerFi on CEX, you can participate in stacking programs that the brokerage itself offers.

Q: I was really struck by the slogan “Holding PokerFi Earns BUSD”. It sounds really interesting, but I am not sure if I fully understand the concept. Could you explain in a simple way how this phrase represents the idea?

A: The PokerFi investor not only profits from the appreciation of the currency but also earns dividends in BUSD on all the profit that occurs from the rake generated on the platform, NFT, and MarketPlace.

The divisions are as follows:

  • 5% of the rake profit;
  • 10% of the total collected NFT;
  • 10% MarketPlace profit.

These values are distributed in BUSD to a PokerFi holder.

Q: Could you please provide some progress on your Roadmap and tell us what results PokerFi has achieved so far? Any sneak-peek into the 2021 plans for PokerFi?

A: Listing on three exchanges and greatly increasing the team of poker agents on our side. In November, we will deliver the NFT platform, whereas, in December, we already intend to be testing the poker platform with the community but to use it with real money only after an audit.

Q: We are witnessing many projects enter the blockchain industry with very good plans that promise to do good work but disappear in time and lose their communities. How can your project keep the community and survive this long and challenging blockchain race?

A: We are acting in the biggest and best community. Poker moves billions of dollars a year and has a united community, where they are always together defending their interests. It is a community where players travel from the north to the south of the country or continent to attend a special event. We just need to show the benefits and advantages of using PokerFi currency and the PokerFi poker platform. We are not providing you with just any community; we are providing you with the poker community.

We can educate our community and show the advantages of the cryptocurrency world and those of using the PokerFi currency to each member. As a result, you will want to be involved in the project from the start.