AMA with SWAPP | Transcript

Published 13 November 2021
AMA with SWAPP | Transcript


Q: “What is your strategy for productively developing your project, and what is your strategy for marketing promotion?”

A: SWAPP is a decentralized user-data privacy and data monetization platform at its core. But it is not just a platform. It is an ecosystem that allows users to monetize their data and keep their privacy at the same time. Users can use this ecosystem as a DeFi platform or as their digital ID that is permissionless and anonymous as Metamask. At the same time, it comes with KYC, but when you connect to places, you can create your own different profiles with info about you that can be revealed, not your real name or real information. It allows you to stay anonymous but at the same time comply with everything. These IDs will be as browser extensions as well. Anything you do on the internet that other companies, all those websites, collect and sell about you, now will be yours.

On our marketing strategy and the promotional standpoint, we have a lot of products. Promotions are coming up. One of them is almost next week.

Besides, two weeks from now, from the 18th till the 20th of November, we are a title sponsor of the celebrity soccer league in Miami. All the celebrities come together to play soccer on the beach. During this, we came up with the collaborative NFT release between celebrities and NFT artists. Limited editions will be auctioned for the charity. The rest of the collections will be released soon.

The first version of the NFT platform is coming next week. And after that, auctions are going to start. We have partnerships with the games, and we have partnerships with big collections and even some famous jewelry houses. We’ll be doing some NFTs together. So, a lot more to come.

Our goals mostly focus on pushing the NFT marketplace, data monetization, and the ID system. One of the specifics of our NFT marketplace is that it’s going to be more about gaming, so that you can bring the game assets from one game to another. Now, you don’t have to stick to one platform. The main thing about NFT is that you can take data from one chain to another.

Additionally, we have more sponsorships and promotions to be announced internationally as well. Some of them I can’t disclose, but I’m looking forward to announcing them in the future.

Sounds exciting, thank you! On to the next question:

Q: “What motivates you to engage in these projects, what global goal do you want to achieve?”

Thank you very much for the question, I appreciate it. The main motivation of this one is our mission. My personal, our team’s mission is basically giving people a right of choice to stay private or to monetize their data and control all these things. You guys can imagine how much data on each person is available not only for sale but also in public. It can be used against you. In the wrong hands, it can do so much damage. So, giving people a choice to control their data is our global goal.

If we go more about the economic stuff, we’re moving the headquarters to Switzerland because that’s the most adaptable and safe place for these kinds of projects. And additionally, we are going to add more finance, more banking functionality in this project so that you can spend your money using your Visa, and Mastercard. And then, globally, I would like SWAPP digital ID to be accepted in more and more gaming and DeFI platforms. You can connect all your wallets inside safely, you can know what’s going on with you digitally in this world.

We will do more and more partnerships with bigger companies. And that will help us to grow. That’s one of the main goals of the SWAPP right now.

Nice to hear! Let’s move on:

Q: “Do you think a modern crypto project should be focused only on earning tools for crypto holders or should it also have some kind of social benefit (eco/charity)?”

This is a really good question. Definitely, in every project, besides your pocket, you have to think about the impact you are making, the impact on the social life, on the people who don’t bring you money, who don’t use your currency, who don’t add value today. You should think about charity, how to help people.

One of the examples I will give is the Miami event. Literally, everybody can prove it, whoever was on the call. When they said that this is for the homeless children of Miami and all money raised will go there. I said, like: “Okay, how much is that?” The amount was called, and then I said: “Okay, send me the contract”. It’s about how we can make a higher raise, so these kids have more impact, better life, better choice, better things. They wanted to do a normal fundraiser. I said: “Okay, I will spend an additional few hundred thousands in order to bring in the NFT marketplace. And all the team agreed with me that it’s not about how we can make money today. It’s more about how we can give back.

I think if all the companies or the crypto projects would add this kind of perspective into their projects, it would be helpful, honestly. I mean, we can earn all the money in the world, but who are you if you don’t add value to the communities? That matters most.

Okay, great. There is an exciting question: 

Q: “What can you tell us about the SWAPP platform and ecosystem in general?”

In addition to all that I’ve mentioned earlier, the main goal of the SWAPP ecosystem is to bring value to the people, to bring all the products, all that works for everybody. And you can see that with this many partnerships, events, and new products, we’re trying to give back to the community.

We don’t push that much on the marketing company. Just hired a CMO with experience three weeks ago. We had one of the team members, Andrew, an amazing talent, who was handling it. Neither me nor him, we didn’t have marketing experience before. The real marketing person is Brian. We hired him only 3 weeks ago. It’s not just my priority to push, make a lot of noise, and run around the screen. No, it is not about that one. It’s about really bringing value, and tomorrow people will understand it anyway. But at the same time, we see that it is one of the crucial parts that we have to have a person that orchestrates all of this. Soon a lot of new things will be released.

As a platform, imagine SWAPP as its own financial system, an NFT marketplace with cross-chain converters, different collections and collaborations from celebrities – you will see how many soon.

Amazing! We’re also excited to hear your answer about it: 

Q: “Because user data is such a serious matter in today’s society, and it is becoming increasingly important day by day, it leads users to lose trust. Hackers are everywhere, and it makes it increasingly difficult to trust projects like Swapp. How does Swapp fairly keep our information safe?”

It’s a great question. I wouldn’t worry about the hackers, honestly. There are a lot of more serious risks from bigger companies. Trust me. There might be more damage to be done to your pocket, personality, psychology, and everything else just because of your data, because people know what you need, what you’re afraid of, what you like and what you don’t like, who do you talk to, what kind of things you comment on, etc. So, it’s not about hackers. Here, it’s about what can happen to you because of your data.

Do you think you make choices to purchase something? I don’t think so. It was all put in your head by trends, advertisement articles about what you need to buy. Decisions were already made for you.

YYes, data needs to be safe. What would be a better safe place than your own computer, your own phone? What I’m saying is SWAPP will trust your sensitive data to you, not to us. We are not going to access that one. Without your encryption key, nobody can touch it. The key unlocks and collects the data from the IPFS back to your phone piece by piece. Data without your ID cannot be used against you. You can monetize your data by managing your key.

Hopefully, all agree that your phone is much safer if it’s encrypted, and you have a key.

That’s nice. We’re also eager to know: 

Q: “What’s your project idea? What problem do you want to solve? What new things will you bring to the crypto world?”

The vision that we are after is to bring safety as well as decentralization so that people can decide, people can see everything transparently, people can control it, and people can choose the right way.

What new things will we bring to the crypto world? As much as we can. Starting from the insurances, ending with the new technology that will help you to be comfortable and have full control over your data. We have to bring there all the innovation we can.

Our users also wondered:

Q: “What are the competitive advantages of your project? What advantages do you have over competitors? What would be your project’s most similar contender in the market today in terms of scalability, security, features, and adaptability?”

Our main advantage is that we’re from the data management world, and we have our own platform infrastructure. People will have the ability to see transparently what really is going on, what happens to their data and what else can happen. Another advantage is that we really push forward. We conduct research to provide a fast, secure, and scalable blockchain for the benefit of everybody.

To conclude our talk, please tell us:

Q: “Do you have any NFT plans and is there integration ahead in the roadmap? Also, do you have any passive income options and incentivization reward for a long-term holder?#Swapp”

We are monitoring the market, and we know there are a lot of amazing small projects going on. We would be happy to find a project that shares our values and delivers on their promises to people.

The NFT approach is at the core of SWAPP. We will have a lot of creative ways for NFTs, the multichain converters. Anybody will be able to come and create their own NFT, bring their celebrities, and define their fees.