AMA with VICA Token | Transcript

Published 28 January 2022
AMA with VICA Token | Transcript


Q: Each project has interesting stories to share. Can you tell people about your story, problems, and difficulties? What gave you the motivation to build and develop a great project like ViCA Foundation?

A: As experts in the economy, we were always dissatisfied with many inflationary assets and wanted to benefit from the blockchain by creating an anti-inflationary asset. This inspired us to create ViCA. Challenges come with anything that is new and different. Getting the idea into reality, making the ViBOT, and getting started was challenging. But we have a great team that is always there to make success!

Q: What is your project idea? What problem do you want to solve? What new things will you bring to the crypto world? ViCA was originally planned for 2019. But the start of the project took place in 2021. What was the reason?

A: The project’s idea is about creating a complete ecosystem of e-economy governed by our utility token VICA. What we have already solved is the inflation of assets, as our system is perfectly designed to achieve anti-inflation. We reinvested a part of liquidity into one of the biggest arbitrage bots, which is a unique product of NRTOOM Korea (ViBOT). Also, we plan to bring anew perspective to the metaverse and the NFT world through our biggest project. It is our metaverse marketplace designed to offer more than 100 000 3D NFTs for individuals and companies to use in their own projects as assets.

Regarding your question about 2019, we started planning and thinking about ViCA in 2019, but it took time to release this project in terms of funding and planning.

Q: Is it necessary to have tokens in your ecosystem to access the benefits of the ViCA platform? 

A: Our ecosystem is fully reliant on VICA as the main token that will provide all utility access for our holders. For example, holding VICA will allow you to benefit from our metaverse project. You will be able to mint. Moreover, holders will be able to buy ViCA products, including any physical products in vending machines or virtual assets, at a discounted price.

We are definitely considering other networks because we understand that ERC-20 has the highest fees, but we are also glad now that VICA is tradable on four exchanges. This allows users to buy and sell for a reasonable fee. Furthermore, ERC-20 has proved to be the most secure network so far.

Q: Can you describe the features of your platform? How can a newbie easily start trading? Can your robot help me with trading? How much money can I allocate to a trader?

A: This is a common misconception about our ViBOT. We do not offer depositing funds to be run in arbitrage, we reinvest a part of the liquidity in our arbitrage bots. Basically, all you got to do is to hold VICA and enjoy the benefits. However, we might consider that option in the future.

Q: Do you plan to transfer the VICA token to the Polygon blockchain to reduce transaction costs and provide free entry for small investors?

A: We are considering other chains, including Polygon and BSC. However, small investors can easily hold VICA using four exchanges: WhiteBIT, LBank, BitMart, and Coinsbit.

Q: Your website indicates that you plan to create games with the VICA Token. Do you have an idea about the future of these games? On what platforms will they work? What about the genre? Will it be P2E or P2W games?

A: Games are definitely in our plans, as we are focused on getting into the metaverse at the moment. Our community will decide if it is P2E or P2W. Most likely, our games will include simulations of the real world, but the game theory is still undecided.

Q: Can you name some exciting products and services you plan to integrate into your ecosystem later this year?

A: We are planning to launch an e-wallet that will allow instant payments, which will be revolutionary in the crypto world. It will be compatible with our vending machines to help customers process their purchases with VICA instantly. We are also planning to launch our own marketplace where users will create, buy, and sell NFTs. We will have our own DEX, and we plan to build a bigger team to deliver more innovation and products. Long-term applications include financial solutions and crypto banking!