AMA with XRdoge | Transcript

Published 25 December 2021
AMA with XRdoge | Transcript


Q: Is there a correlation between the animalistic project name and the success of an asset capitalization? Or do you have your own reasons for choosing this kind of name?

A: Essentially, we view the fantastic XRP ledger as being the infrastructure, and our goal is to highlight and demonstrate that infrastructure by making it fun. You can build a nice movie theater, but without “the Avengers” to watch onscreen, no one will want to use it.

Q: What distinguishes XRDOGE from other currencies?

A:We have no gas fees. We are lighting fast, which sets us apart from the popular meme coin projects. Apart from the fun part of what we are doing, we are building real utility. We already have a fully functional payment portal that can be used now. Also, we are weeks away from hosting our own DEX. Our catchline is that we are a “utility coin with a meme paintjob”.

Q: Why did you choose the XRP network for your project? Are you planning to have some kind of merch giveaway for Christmas?

A: Our merch is for sale on our website, where you can try out our payment portal:

We’ll probably have some Christmas specials in the shop.

XRP is the fastest and cheapest ledger in crypto, which is why we chose it.

Q: Community is important to any project. How are you going to prove that the project you are offering is long-term? Do you have the funds and a strong team to develop this project in the future?

A: We aim to establish our reputation by delivering promises. Thanks to our great community, we have a vibrant project and the resources to build out our utility ecosystem. We feel our DEX will establish us as a big player in the crypto space and separate us from other meme offerings.

Q: Nowadays, it is not that easy to run a crypto project, competition is getting higher every day in this sphere, and a lot of projects rely on their partnerships or the ecosystem benefits. What do you have to offer users?

A: Firstly, we interact with our community. Our DEX will look like the feedback we get from our community members, and you can approach me or any of the other founders in our Discord. We see this project as belonging to everyone. The XRdoge army is a gang, a party, a bit of fun. Check out the XRDoge community on Discord. Hang out with 3,547 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

Q: I didn’t find a roadmap on your website. Maybe you could share some of your milestones for 2022? Which part are you most excited about in the upcoming year?

A: There is a roadmap in there. We probably need to make it easier to find. In the near future, we plan to release our DEX, and we have a lot of familiar names signed up for it. We will be planning to expand that offering, and we are also seeking to establish our payment portal in online businesses and to grow our community and the ecosystem.

Q: Tell us more about your tokenomics. You said that 75% of the total supply will be airdropped, and 25% off supply are allocated for the marketing needs. Tell us why you make such a choice, and why do you think it’s gonna have a good influence on the price in the future?

A: The 75/25 percent split is our pact with the community. The community gets 75%, and all they have to do is promote our project or even just hold it. We have 25%. With that, we will develop this project, and we will build our infrastructure, market, and develop this project professionally. We will make sure it stays relevant. Without this, we could not take the project forward.

Q: What is the hardest lesson you have learned while working on XRDOGE? 

A:There have been many. Don’t take criticism to heart. Sometimes people can be unfair and jealous, or greedy or tell lies about you, but you have to remain focused on the good things and the good people around you.

Q: Could you tell us about one of the strangest situations? 

A: Crypto teaches you a lot about human nature. People are not always rational, and they can do things that make very little sense. They panic easily and make trading decisions emotionally. I think the key to crypto is to filter out the noise and buy bargains.