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Published 03 June 2021

Send your questions for Australian Safe Shepherd and get the answers during our AMA. It will take place on the 9th of June (2 p.m. UTC) on Telegram.

💰The prize pool is $300 in ASS.

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👻 Show off your sense of humor 👻

👻 Show off your sense of humor 👻

The meme battle with Kalycoin has started. Create and send us a meme about Kalycoin and WhiteBIT & participate in the $600 giveaway (in KLC):

17 May 2022
💰 Earn with AstroElon 💰

💰 Earn with AstroElon 💰

Are you thinking of getting passive income? Consider ELON1 SMART Staking.

13 July 2021