Interested in Cartesi?

Published 26 April 2022
Interested in Cartesi?


On the 28th of April (2 p.m. UTC), we will have a Q&A with the project on Telegram.

Send us your questions and compete for a part of the $250 prize pool (in CTSI)! The authors of the 8 best questions from the first part of our Q&A will get $25 each. As for the live part, there will be a $10 reward for each of the 5 best questions.

There will be winners in each of the following categories:

the best devil’s advocate questions;

the best probing questions, making the project’s team show the bigger picture;

the best factual questions;

the funniest questions.

Don’t miss the opportunity to talk to Cartesi and win a reward!

WhiteBIT Team

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