AMA with SMI | Transcript

Published 12 December 2021
AMA with SMI | Transcript


Q: You launched your project on the Ethereum network. Why did you decide to do that? What are the advantages?

A: To give a bit of history, SMI was created back in May 2021 when SafeMoon and Shiba Inu were the hottest trends. The creator of SMI took inspiration from both of these projects and blended them into one. To be honest, nobody knows who the original creator is, as the contract’s ownership was renounced immediately, and the initial team disappeared shortly after launch. So, we cannot say much about the minds behind its creation. Ethereum has its good and bad sides, the worst, of course, being the gas fees, which can be eliminated easily by using a CEX like WhiteBIT.

Q: Your foundation idea is very new, so it takes a well-crafted formula and takes a long time to develop. This might have been a tricky point for you. Do you agree that the strength of the community will help the SafeMoon Inu project grow globally?

A: Being 100% community-driven is not easy, as it sometimes lacks proper organization and depends on relying on strangers. Our core team is made of holders who are experienced in various fields, and it has been working for us for the past months. I think with time, the community will grow enough to attract all the kinds of people needed to expand the project on a big scale. You can see that other large community-driven projects achieved great things while being decentralized.

Q: Your slogan is “Play to reach the moon”. Please, tell us about Moonshot Voyage. Do you plan to have more games? Can we get a sneak peek at that? How is it possible to earn tokens while playing, and why should it be interesting for holders?

A: We are planning to launch a Play2Earn metaverse gaming platform called SMI PLAY. The base idea is that it is a social app where you can run around with your friends in a metaverse-type world, using your NFT avatars and items from the games. All of the games connected to SMI PLAY would share the same NFTs, so items from one game would work in the others.

You do not earn SMI tokens in our games. Instead, you can get randomly generated NFTs powered by Enjin (we are an official Enjin Adopter project). The games can read the SMI amount from your currently connected project and grant you benefits accordingly. For example, the more SMI you have, the better the chance of rare NFTs you can get by playing (and also some free goodies for long-time holders).

Q: It is always nice to know that there is a team of professionals behind a project. Could you please give us a short overview of your team and tell us about your experience? What experience do you have in cryptocurrency and gaming?

A: I have been making games since 2014, and gaming has been a passion of mine pretty much since I was born. My biggest achievement in this field would be that one of my games came to release on Nintendo Switch and Steam last year. I have also worked as a network administrator that helps with all the server-related development that needs to be done for SMI PLAY. There is also one experienced Unity developer that is helping me with the game right now, who just joined our team last month. As for the rest of the SMI team, we are just holders who want to help manage and grow the project. We have some people with marketing knowledge, some with cybersecurity experience, some tech developers… it is 100% community-driven. Everyone helps in any way they can, and we are actively looking for new people to expand the team.

Q: How does the balance growth system for holding tokens work? 2% is taken from each transaction, so where does this percentage go? Where should I keep my balance? In any wallet? Can I keep it on the balance of the exchange?

A: The 2% tax from every transaction is redistributed to all SMI holders pro-rata (the more SMI you have, the bigger portion of the 2% you receive from every transaction). As far as I know, you can only get dividends if you keep SMI in a DeFi wallet. CEX transactions do not generate redistribution, as they are not directly on-chain.

Q: Your ecosystem includes NFTs and games, and you are also a meme token. Could you tell us why you made such a choice and what you think will bring you success? Because now there are a lot of projects in this niche, especially with a dog logo (I wonder why it is a dog 😅).

A: As I explained before, the project we are building now is done on top of an existing owner-less SMI contract. Before we decided to go gaming, SMI was just another dog token offering nothing special. Now we are half a year into the game development, the open beta of Moonshot Voyage launching by the end of the month, gaming platform in the works, got partnered with Enjin… the list goes on and on. Our community likes to say we are a legitimate project disguised as a meme dog coin.

Q: Will your NFT marketplace have a specific theme, or absolutely any work by artists will be exhibited there? Can any user sell any of their NFTs, or will you select them in some way? What currency will the purchase be made with on your marketplace?

A: We are using Enjin’s platform and marketplace ( to handle our NFT ecosystem. We use the Jumpnet blockchain that is based on Ethereum and owned by Enjin. It allows for instant and gasless transactions for a smooth, seamless gaming experience. The operating currency for NFTs is $JENJ (Enjin Coin bridged to Jumpnet). We might hold some art competitions for the artists in the community that would help them get their work out via our NFTs in the future.

Q: Where do you see the project in 20 years?

A: Good question! I think with Moonshot Voyage and SMI PLAY success, this project can go very far as a leading Play2Earn gaming platform operating a large multiverse with NFTs from all different games and projects working with each other. The collaboration possibilities are endless, and so is the height of our ceiling with the current trends of gaming and metaverse.