AMA with STEMX | Transcript

Published 25 January 2022
AMA with STEMX | Transcript


Q: What is the STEM project? And what are its prospects?

A: STEM is a sports team statistics token exchange. The project creates a new class of financial assets directly related to sports team statistics. Each sports team on our platform will have tokens. Their price will be tied to the results of matches, ratings, and the cost of players. The more successful the team is, the more expensive the tokens will become, and vice versa.

This mechanic allows millions of sports fans to quit betting at bookmakers and start buying statistics tokens on the STEM exchange. It is much safer and makes it possible to analyze teams and upcoming matches more judiciously. Besides, users will feel even more connected with the team because all the upcoming team events will be important to them.

The STEM project can change the betting industry around the world, which is our goal. We want to become the main competitor for all bookmakers and win the trust of all sports fans.

You can read more details on your own on our website.

Q: What is the meaning of your project’s name, and what are the story and team behind your token?

A: STEM stands for Sport Token Exchange Market, which reveals the essence of the project itself. The project is being developed by an open Belarusian team with extensive experience in creating and managing various local and international business projects. Each team member has extensive experience in their field, making our team truly strong and capable of implementing such a large-scale project as STEM.

Q: Why do you have football team logos on your website? How is your project related to that topic?

A: Our project is directly related to football teams, as we create financial assets in the form of “statistics tokens” for sports teams.

Q: Your website is available in English and Russian. Is the project (or the founders) based in Russia? What is your overall marketing strategy for global outreach?

A: All team members are in Belarus. And we are actively developing in the early stages in the CIS countries. This is an understandable and inexpensive market for developing and testing our products. But in the first half of 2022, we plan to start active development in English-speaking countries because the project plans include becoming the world leader in the sports assets industry.

The development plans include attracting famous crypto bloggers, sports experts, and analysts to compile free analyses and forecasts for teams, cooperating with various sports clubs.

Q: Can you list 3 killer features of your project that place it ahead of competitors? What are the competitive advantages that you feel most confident about?

A: Our entire project is unique because this class of financial assets does not exist on the market. We consider the entire betting industry to be our main competitor. This is why we believe in success:

  • Buying sports team statistics tokens does not carry the risk of losing all the money every football match, as opposed to traditional betting with bookmakers.
  • Holders of sports team tokens will have more emotional connections with football clubs because all team events will be important to them.
  • The general reputation of bookmakers is associated with “gambling”. Users who place sports bets may receive condemnation or reproaches from their loved ones while continuing to bet. But our project will form a completely different perception because there is no excitement, but there is analysis, statistics, and calmness.

Q: What products except for tokens do you have in your ecosystem?

A: There will be many different products in the STEM ecosystem. The main product is the STEM exchange, where sports team statistics tokens will be traded. We also have a product for token farming.

Besides, we are starting the development of other products of the ecosystem, including our own NFT platform and a mobile crypto-wallet for exchanging, storing, and farming coins.

Q: What projects do you consider your competitors? What differentiates you from them?

A: There are no direct competitors in the world. As I said earlier, we consider the entire betting industry (bookmakers) our main competitor.

Besides, we consider the Chiliz project an indirect competitor since it is also associated with football teams. However, if you compare STEM and Chiliz directly, it becomes clear that these are completely different products. Chiliz issues fan tokens of sports teams, giving their holders certain privileges. However, the Chiliz sports team token market price is not linked to statistics or team play. Their assets depend on the market demand, and there is no connection between the price and the efficiency of teams.

We are creating a completely new class of assets, where the price of tokens is directly related only to the teams’ performance.

We also plan to attract Chiliz users since they may be interested in the new mechanics of tokens.

Q: Name 3 things you plan to achieve in 2022.

A: We plan to launch all products of our ecosystem this year. Also, we aim to have at least 500,000 active users of our product by the end of the year.