AMA with Alone Coin | Transcript

Published 18 March 2022
AMA with Alone Coin | Transcript


Q: What is the project’s idea? What problem do you want to solve? What innovations will you bring to the crypto world?

A: Our first plan is to give a fast and low-feed crypto service to those who want to use the technology. Also, we are providing opportunities to create tokens with low fees. We aim to make ALN a common coin that can be used on every crypto platform.

Q: Tell us about your ecosystem. What is included besides the token, and what are you working on now? Will there be any platform releases soon?

A: We have a crypto trading platform named Pro-AS. It is currently version 1, and we have just finished our beta testing. We are now working on a big metaverse project, which we will announce soon. So, stay close to get the latest news!

Q: What chain is ALONE COIN built on? What are the advantages of the chosen network? 

A: ALN has its own chain. The most significant advantage is that it is faster than most networks. Besides, low fees make ALN the best 😎

Q: ALONE COIN is a project with the lowest fees ever. What did the project do to achieve it? What is the main revenue source of the project?

A: ALN aims to give the best service to people, so we are focused on the accessibility of our network. We want to reach as many people as possible to become a common coin in the crypto world. We are funding other ALN and Pro-AS networks, including metaverse projects.

 Q: Like many other newcomers to crypto, I face difficulties in navigating through the UI of various platforms. Is the Alone Coin platform beginner-friendly? Does it offer an intuitive & clean interface for users?

A: Our trading platform is simple and easy to use. We have a testing team of nearly 100 people to examine the UI and make the platform user-friendly 😎 Also, we are using report plugins to analyze users’ habits and improve the experience.

Q: Does your project support staking programs? If yes, how does your staking system work? What are the requirements for users to stake on your platform?

A: Yes, ALN is suitable for staking, but it is not active yet. We will launch this feature soon.

Q: ALONE COIN has its headquarters in Turkey, right? Do you target audiences only in Turkey and surrounding areas, or are you willing to expand globally?

A: Yes, the project started in Turkey, but our goals are absolutely global. Everyone will hear about ALN soon 🙂

Q: Share your plans for the future. How do you see the project in a couple of years?

A: As I mentioned before, we are launching a big metaverse project soon. Moreover, there is a big surprise for the crypto world we haven’t announced yet. We are working on a POS device that will connect people to Pro-AS and ALN globally. It will be announced soon too. Stay close to hear about that 😎