AMA with Equilibrium | Transcript

Published 18 February 2022
AMA with Equilibrium | Transcript


Q: Please, could you briefly tell us about yourself?

A: Equilibrium Games is a gaming development company and a gaming hub for games with blockchain integration. Currently, we have five games in development – two games by Equilibrium and three by partners that utilize our token EQ.

Q: What is the meaning of your project’s name, and what are the story and team behind your token?

A:The name Equilibrium Games comes from our game idea: World of Equilibrium, a world at war. And the player needs to bring Balance/Equilibrium to the world. This story will also reflect in our first game, Blights Wrath. It will have XRP ledger NFTs as cosmetic items and play & earn rewards.

We are currently a team of 7 people that have been investing in crypto for over eight years. We decided to pursue our gaming interest and become the gaming hub on the XRP ledger.

Q: How did you come up with the idea of the Equilibrium platform? Can you please share the story behind it? What solution does it bring to crypto users, and why is there a demand for equilibrium in the cryptocurrency world? 

A: Equilibrium Games was at first just a gaming company developing a play & earn the game. With the demand for a gaming platform to find games and the idea of cross-over game NFT’s, the Gaming Hub Equilibrium Games was born. So far, we have partnered with 3 game development companies. They offer EQ in their games and are building cross-over NFT’s. For example, cosmetic NFT items that can be used in multiple games. We will develop fully-fledged games and attract gamers to the blockchain world.

Q: What games does your platform currently support? What type of games are you planning to add in the future? How do you plan to expand to non-crypto users and gamers with zero blockchain knowledge? Also, please explain marketing strategies.

A: Currently, there are 5 games on the Equilibrium platform. Most of them are for PC/PS/Xbox. However, we also have developers who build iOS/Android and web products.

The games developed directly by Equilibrium Games will be Free to Play and will not require any crypto to join. This will attract many gamers, as there will be no entrance barrier. They will not have to buy tokens to play. Moreover, users will earn EQ and get introduced to the blockchain world. The gaming marketing world is different from typical marketing. Gamers advertise to their friends by word of mouth. Even small games like Minecraft can become popular this way. That is why we develop a fun game that everyone will enjoy.

Q: So many gaming projects based on blockchain are released every day. The chance of getting popular & surviving in the long term is very small compared with traditional gaming. So, how do you plan to attract traditional gamers to your project?

A: The main difference is that we create engaging, fully-fledged projects instead of releasing small pixelated games that people only play to make money. Our games are developed and maintained by a professional team with regular updates. This will attract billions of gamers from around the world. Plus, Equilibrium Games is a gaming hub, and with the integration of more partners, new games will become a part of the EQ world. With our partners, we will introduce NFTs that will be usable in our different games.

Q: I noticed that you work on the XRP network. Can you explain what benefits these smart chains can bring to the project? Could you add other networks such as Solana or Polkadot in the future?

A: The XRP ledger brings a fully secured network with low transaction fees. It will be great for us, as no gamer wants to pay a $100 transfer fee for a $5 cosmetic item. With the NFT integration on the XRP ledger, tokens with low transaction fees will become available.

So far, there are no plans to expand to other networks, but we are highly interested in partnerships with game developers that utilize other blockchains.

Q: Do you have any NFT plans? Is the integration ahead in the roadmap? Also, do you have any passive income options and incentive rewards for long-term holders?

A: NFT’s will represent cosmetic items, monsters, or even ownership of lands. We are waiting for the implementation of NFTs on the XRP ledger, which will take place in the first half of this year. Those NFTs will bring many benefits to the gaming world, as the gamers will be able to sell them on our NFT marketplace or the open market. In comparison, generally, cosmetic items are fully centralized by gaming companies, and players have no way of selling apart from the black market.

As for the passive income, we offer different staking options with a 7% APR. Besides, there will be some NFTs that can provide a passive income in the games. For example, the land ownership NFT, which will reward the owner with a percentage of found/earned EQ by other players in their land. Or, if you own a marketplace, you can get a percentage of the trades made inside it.

Q: Safety and security are always the most important issues. How will the team resolve possible security problems? Has the team thought of a workaround?

A: Safety and security are essential aspects for us, as we want to attract gamers that never used blockchain and give them a safe environment. Equilibrium (EQ) uses the XRP ledger, meaning it gets the same security and safety as XRP. The XRP ledger is one of the safest and oldest blockchains. It has been improving for over ten years. Besides, EQ tokens are stored in cold hardware wallets, and only small portions are transferred to hot wallets for play to earn reward distributions.

Q: Share your plans for the future. How do you see the project in a couple of years?

A: Blockchain and gaming are becoming more and more mainstream. More gaming developers and companies are looking for new options to integrate blockchain into their games. We plan to be a big player in this fast-growing industry.

We project to surpass our main competitors by bringing full games to the crypto world and expanding our partnerships with developers who never worked with blockchain. Moreover, we want to make other blockchains become gaming hubs.