🍑 A juicy AMA with PAWG is coming 🍑

Published 09 July 2021

On July 14th (2 p.m. UTC), we will talk to PAWGcoin on our Telegram. You know what to do! Send us a cool question and treat yourself with a share of the $300 prize pool (in PAWG).

Take a chance to win!

WhiteBIT Team

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The mission: passive income

The mission: passive income

Enjoy the beauty of passive earnings with Quattro Tech.

22 September 2021
🥳 Party with Zamzam Token continues 🥳

🥳 Party with Zamzam Token continues 🥳

The 5th round of our activity has started. As always, you have to hold ZAMZAM and meet a couple of simple conditions to compete for the $1000 prize pool (in ZAMZAM)

01 June 2022