AMA Transcript | DBX

Published 09 October 2021
AMA Transcript | DBX


Q: What are your thoughts on blockchain adoption, and what can DBX do to continue to make this technology more accessible to the mainstream public?

A: Our ecosystem is created as an investment platform based on several algorithms: Quark, Zerocoin, and ERC-20. Now we have been working on bridges for the Ethereum blockchain.

We consider ourselves more as conductors of the blockchain for the public rather than the primary manufacturers of the blockchain.

Crypto banking, ATM services, loyalty programs, crypto indexes — we offer all this to our investors, users, and business.

Q: If you had to give one piece of advice to individuals about how to make the most of their crypto and to companies about how to bring crypto into their business models, what would your advice be?

A: I can say for sure that everyone will be dealing with blockchain technologies when the time comes. And life won’t be the same.

A friend of mine shared with me very important information the other day. It was about one of the patents of a large company. I digested this information very thoroughly, studied possible outcomes, etc. Read it too, and you will find the answer:

Q: Do you have any real-world use cases that have never been implemented on any project and can change the world? How is the DBX project different from the rest of the other outstanding projects currently in the market?

A: It’s hard for me to say. Today more than 7000 crypto assets are registered on CMC.

Our blockchain system will be one of the most convenient communication methods between users around the world. We are planning to change payment systems, cash transfers, and banking transactions. ATM network will help us with this. We are planning to ensure its convenient and reasonable placing.

But now we like to work more than talk.

Q: Could you share with us your approach to the community and your strategy to expand your community? Do you have practices that increase and encourage motivation for the community? Can you list 1–2 killer features of DBX for your community?

A: Since the beginning of summer, we have been running a series of airdrops in our community with more than $300 000 000 in reserve. We also prepare different entertaining campaigns within the system. Our users actively help us develop the system. We are preparing a series of large meetups in different countries, and all thanks to them. Young people have a great sense of community and a longing for continuous development. We appreciate that very much.

Q: What does your token’s name mean? What is your biggest struggle during your journey and your most significant achievement so far?

A: We started with DIgital BItcoin eXchange, our own exchange office for currencies and trading on the BTC-E exchange.

Then we opened the DIBIX DIGITAL FUND and organized a digital platform, “DBX Digital Ecosystem”. We aspire to build our investment world with venture projects, convenient for investors, businesses, and users.

Q: Could you introduce us to your team? What is your team’s background in the blockchain field? How did you come up with the idea of creating this project?

A: Our project is, in essence, an investment platform. We are not competing in the blockchain race; we are trying to create new investment technologies, indices, start-up projects, and communication methods based on the blockchain.

Q: What are you currently working on? A project ecosystem is quite important nowadays, so what do you have to offer except your token within your ecosystem?

A: We are getting ready to launch the first bank with the possibility to buy crypto assets, connect loyalty programs for users around the world, develop a card system, and our own ATM network. The next project will be an investment fund with venture projects of our system, the possibility of investing in robo & AI trading, and our own ecosystem indices.

Q: Share your plans for the future and your roadmap. What should happen to your project for you to consider it a success?

A: We will deploy our tokenized monopoly in 18 exchange capitals around the world. When we understand that we have achieved everything in the space of crypto exchanges, we will continue our journey on the main exchanges of the world.