What is ASS

Published 30 September 2021
What is ASS


What is ASS?

Australian Safe Shepherd (ASS) is a community-focused deflationary meme token. It is an ERC-20 token based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The holders receive passive income in the ASS network. 5% of each transaction is distributed among all token holders, and another 5% goes into liquidity. This redistribution of tokens is not featured on WhiteBIT. However, users of the exchange are offered a wide range of technical analysis tools, a simple interface and trading with only 0.1% commission.

ASS coin price

The deflationary nature of ASS coin keeps the asset in short supply. After each operation on the network, the total supply of tokens gets smaller.

What can ASS coin be used for?

  • For trading.
  • To pay for goods and services.

How to purchase ASS?

The ASS cryptocurrency cannot be purchased with fiat currencies. To buy a token, you will need to purchase another crypto. To do this, register on WhiteBIT and buy DECL. After that, all that remains is to place an order to buy ASS at a suitable price.

Place an order on WhiteBIT.

The minimum order limit on the exchange is the equivalent of 5 USDT.

- Register on WhiteBIT.
- Buy DECL.
- Place an order to buy ASS for purchased DECLs.