Published 09 October 2021

SOL is giving out money! Hurry up to participate.

✔️ Deposit more than 0,35 SOL (See the details on min. deposits here) to our exchange.

✔️ HODL SOL till the end of the contest.

Each of the 10 random winners will get a share from the $200 prize pool (in SOL).

Easier than ever!

WhiteBIT Team

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Other activities

👻 Show off your sense of humor 👻

👻 Show off your sense of humor 👻

The meme battle with Kalycoin has started. Create and send us a meme about Kalycoin and WhiteBIT & participate in the $600 giveaway (in KLC):

17 May 2022
SMART staking FLIX

💰 Time to get along with passive income 💰

Investments have never been that easy. Try SMART Staking and check it yourself.

18 June 2021