What is BSV

Published 07 October 2021
What is BSV


What is Bitcoin SV?

In November 2018, the Bitcoin Cash digital coin development team split into two camps, and their goals were significantly different from each other. They had to compromise and decided to split Bitcoin Cash into two chains, BCH and BSV. The first team chose to focus on further project development, the possibility of launching their own decentralized applications.

The second group, which was in charge of Bitcoin SV (BSV), decided to focus on scaling, transaction speed, and increasing the block size. Bitcoin SV was based on BCH.

Essentially, BSV is a fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which is a fork of Bitcoin. It does not have any specific purposes or application areas. The project’s main idea is to preserve the essence of Bitcoin while providing a larger scale of use of the coin. The coin’s name stands for “Satoshi’s Vision”.

The developers of BSV coin set themselves the main goals, namely, a high level of coin security, favorable conditions for maneuvers, low fees for conducting operations on the network and scaling. The nChain and CoinGeek Mining teams worked on the project.

BSV price

On the first day, the coin price was $83, and in a few days, the BSV rate rose up to $208. After that, a massive correction followed, and on the 22nd of November 2018, you could buy one coin for $42. Further, in January 2020, the coin value reached $422, and in April 2021 – $441. To find out the current price of the coin, go to the trading terminal of the WhiteBIT exchange.

BSV perspectives

The chances of BSV cryptocurrency’s future growth are high, provided that its team does quality work on the project and introduces all the promised changes. Cryptocurrency has gained considerable popularity among investors. The developers continue to improve the conditions for miners, ensure low transaction fees, increase the level of security, and work on the project’s scalability.

How to buy BSV?

The purchase of the BSV digital coin is available on the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange. Several purchase options are available for users: swap, trading terminal, P2P platform, and WhiteBIT Codes.


How to convert BSV into USDT?
The exchange can be made on the WhiteBIT platform. To do it, you need to have a registered account and a positive balance. After that, you need to select one of the exchange methods (swap, P2P platform, WhiteBIT Codes, or a trading terminal) and do it.
What is the BSV to USDT exchange limit?
There is no maximum exchange limit on the WhiteBIT site. That is, users have the opportunity to exchange any amount within the liquidity of the exchange. The minimum conversion request must exceed $5, or 0.0001 BTC.
BSV to USDT. Detailed information about the rate
To find out the current coin rate, use the Trade tab.

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