👏 Thunderous applause for the winners 👏

Published 04 February 2022

Thanks for your participation and funny memes! The VICA Token project has already chosen 5 winners, and here they are:

The rewards will be sent out within 5 working days

Celebrate the victory & participate in other activities we are having!

WhiteBIT Team

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🤩 Who are our top followers? 🤩

🤩 Who are our top followers? 🤩

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01 July 2022
💰Earn with Kalycoin (KLC)💰

💰Earn with Kalycoin (KLC)💰

Want to relax while your crypto is working? Welcome our new SMART Staking plans for passive income with Kalycoin (KLC). Hold KLC for up to 180 days and receive a generous profit!

16 May 2022