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Published 10 August 2021


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How to buy FTT?

There are the following ways to buy FTX crypto:

FTX price chart

There are currently 134.21 million FTT coins in the market circulation, with a maximum supply of 330.1 million. FTT ICO price is $0.80. According to CoinGecko, the FTT market cap is $3 194 903 399. FTX price reached an all-time high of $84.18 on September 9, 2021. In 2019, the coin had a value of $1.15, rising 2170% to $26.11 per asset by September 2022.

FTX token price

FTT is a relatively young asset that starts its journey on May 8, 2019, at the cost of $1.15. Summer and autumn were unfortunate for the FTX crypto price. The asset price began to rise only in December 2019. The cryptocurrency did not explode in price by its first anniversary — $3.17 per coin on May 8, 2020.

For almost the entire 2020-2021, according to CoinMarketCap, FTX coin has been slowly growing without critical drops, reaching a maximum historical value of $84.18 per asset on September 9, 2021, on favorable market conditions.

Since March 2022, FTT crypto price has been declining. I peaked at $51.96 this year and dropped to $26.11 by early September.

FTX price prediction

According to various estimates, FTX trading has a positive outlook. In just three years of existence, the asset has grown 22 times and will not stop there.

Of course, in different periods of the market situation, FTX is profitable or unprofitable to buy or sell. Since the beginning of this year, the price of an asset has fluctuated wildly from $51.96 to $22.87.

The creators will use a third of all FTX trading fees to redeem the cryptocurrency until they burn half of all tokens. Any FTT coin purchased this way will be burned.

Since FTX is more of a crypto derivatives exchange, spot trading is not well-developed on the platform. However, the developers aim to create this type of trading on the exchange. The FTT cryptocurrency will be used as an initial exchange offer as soon as this happens, affecting the FTT crypto price prediction.

Where to buy FTT

You can buy FTX tokens and trade with a debit or credit card on most of the largest crypto exchanges, including the biggest European crypto platform WhiteBIT, and the mother derivative exchange, FTX. For this, you’ll need to create an FTT wallet or an account and wait for approval to purchase it. Besides, If you are wondering if FTX crypto is a good investment, we will answer that later.

How to buy FTX coin on the WhiteBIT crypto exchange:

  1. Set up an account on the platform.
  2. Deposit your account.
  3. Purchase in a few simple steps:
  • make sure you have funds on the Trade balance;
  • go to the Basic trade page and choose the desired trading pair in the Market window;
  • select a necessary order among the suggested forms for buying and selling cryptocurrency below the graph;
  • enter the required data: price, amount of coins or tokens;
  • press the Buy button.

FTX offers to receive SRM Airdrops weekly by fulfilling some conditions on the platform. SRM, in turn, is the Serum ecosystem token based on the Solana blockchain. FTX also supports FTT staking. You can stake FTT to increase your airdropped SRM by up to 14%.

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How to invest in FTX crypto

And is FTT a good investment? Since its inception in the spring of 2019, FTX has reached a value of $84.18 per coin in 2021. It is 7220% more than its starting value. However, the FTX chart is far from stable, despite a noticeable increase over the years. However, this is not LUNA.

Despite the popular idea of ​​a crypto-derivative exchange, the project has its vision and differences. FTX offers its clients the prevention of promised funds through a three-tier liquidation model, a centralized collateral pool, and a universal stablecoin settlement. Also, using the functions of the FTX exchange, the user will have only one universal margin wallet.

Another notable thing is that Alameda Research backs the FTX token, one of the top companies in cryptocurrency trading, as a liquidity provider.

In connection with the platform’s desire for uniqueness and narrow focus, the FTT crypto coin attracts traders’ attention, which positively adds up to its price.

FTX Wallet

Which FTT wallet to choose to store FTX tokens?

FTX paper wallets

It is a way of cold storage crypto assets. While hackers can’t get their hands on your paper wallets, it’s still not the safest method to store digital currencies, especially with the development of more user-friendly hardware wallets.

Hardware wallets

General users fell in love with the hardware method of holding cryptocurrencies, which is more practical and safer than the paper one. Such a wallet stores the user’s private keys in a special hardware device that resembles an external memory drive.

Software wallets

These are often online programs for holding assets, which immediately causes concern for the user. Such wallets are more suitable for those crypto owners who actively use their funds for trading.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

FTX listing on the most popular exchanges, so you can purchase crypto assets this way. At the moment, this is the most modern, convenient, and simple way to buy and store FTX, sometimes even earning interest on it, as is the case with SMART Staking plans on WhiteBIT.


How much is FTX token worth?

The price of FTX fluctuates daily, so keep an eye on the asset value daily on our chart.

Should I invest in FTT?

Study as many statistics as possible to imagine the approximate behavior of the asset and make a prediction. Information about FTX is necessary for your analysis to make your own choice.

What is the price of FTT crypto?

By the end of September 2022, the price of FTT had risen to $23.61. Follow its changes on our exchange.

How do I get FTT?

You can purchase FTT on our exchange or other major crypto exchanges and on the native FTX crypto derivatives platform.

Where can I trade FTT?

FTT is available on most major crypto trading platforms. Trade FTT on our exchange in pairs FTT/USDT or FTT/BTC.

Can I stake FTT?

Yes, FTX offers users its staking program.

Where can I buy FTT?

You can choose the crypto platform to your liking. Pay attention to the WhiteBIT crypto exchange offer.

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