Published 30 June 2022


How to buy NCAT Token?

NCAT is a deflationary BER-20 meme token. The token was created on Binance Smart Chain and is managed by the community using a DAO smart contract, ensuring that the main principles of decentralization are observed. In this article, we will talk about how you can buy and use NCAT.

You can buy NCAT Token using any of these methods:

Always on hand
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NCAT rate

On the chart below, you can see the main fluctuations of the NCAT price in recent times. If you are interested in the current token’s rate with all the details, visit our exchange.

NCAT cost

NCAT is a deflationary token, part of which is burned with every transaction on the network. The token was issued in March 2021. After that, its price gradually increased, reaching an all-time high in April of the same year. Then its cost was $0.0000001. After reaching the peak, the price began falling to a value lower than at the first transaction. You can see the current price of NCAT in the Trade section of WhiteBIT.

On our exchange, the token is represented in the NCAT/DECL pair.

DECL is a special WhiteBIT asset that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies with prices lower than 0.00000001 USDT.

NCAT Token price prediction

As of June 2022, the NCAT token price is around $0.00000000030. NCAT takes 8376th place at the top of the largest crypto project globally.

What affects the price of the NCAT token?

As with any other asset, the NCAT price is driven by supply and demand. This dynamic can be impacted by fundamental events such as halving, hard forks, or new protocol upgrades. Regulation, adoption by businesses and governments, hacking of crypto exchanges, and other events also have an influence on the price. Thus, the market capitalization of the NCAT token can soon change dramatically.

Professionals explore the activity of NCAT whales, which are persons controlling many NCAT to make a reasonable forecast. Since the NCAT tokens market is relatively small compared to other markets, whales can, by themselves, greatly impact the price movements.

Is NCAT a good investment?

The NCAT’s value is expected to grow as the scarcity tends to drive prices higher. Thus, a long-term investment in NCAT is quite promising. Please note that any investment comes with a high risk. Do as much research as possible before making a decision to buy this crypto.

How can NCAT be used?

Once you have purchased an NCAT token, you can use it in several ways:

Hold the crypto on the exchange balance or in a crypto wallet, wait for the asset's price to rise, and sell it at a higher price, thus making a profit.
You can try to make money on small but frequent price fluctuations by buying a token cheaper and selling it more expensively. On WhiteBIT, you can use 6 order types, as well as a completely free Demo Token, to practice trading and try out the exchange's tools before using real money.
Use the convenient and fast exchange tool, WhiteBIT Code, to transfer an asset to another user fee-free.
Increase your income by trading NCAT and many other assets.

Where to store NCAT

Cryptocurrency can be stored in several ways:

  • Crypto exchanges. You can store the token on the balance of the exchange where NCAT trading is available. We advise you to carefully choose the right trading platform to ensure your funds are safe. Although many exchanges require users to verify their identity by providing documents, their accounts receive additional protection in return.
  • Software wallets. They are websites or applications that you can access using your smartphone or computer and store your cryptocurrency in them. Software wallets are a very simple and convenient way to store and manage assets. However, since they are connected to the Internet, there is a threat of hacker attacks.
  • Hardware wallets. They are classified as “cold” wallets, as they are not connected to the Internet, which means they have a low threat of hacking. Hardware wallets are special devices designed to store private keys.
  • Paper wallets. They are sheets of paper with printed or written private keys to your addresses in the blockchain network. They cannot be hacked, but users should store them extremely carefully.


Where can I buy NCAT?

You can buy NCAT using the services of a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, exchanger, or P2P platform.

How to buy NCAT?

You can buy NCAT with a bank card for the national currency or for another cryptocurrency by placing an order on the exchange.

Why buy NCAT?

Cryptocurrency is one of the promising types of investment due to the high fluctuations in assets’ prices. You can invest in NCAT to make a profit when the token’s price rises or trade within small price ranges.

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