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Published 10 October 2021


Where to Buy Chainlink?

There are the following ways to purchase LINK:

Chainlink Graph

The asset is in the top 25 by market capitalization, despite significant fluctuations since its launch. As of today, Chainlink market cap is over $3.8 billion. Until the second half of 2020, LINK price did not exceed $5. During the bullish trend in 2021, the token’s price rose to $52.88. When writing, Сhainlink to USD traded at $7–8 per token.

Chainlink Price

2017 was a decisive period for the cryptocurrency market, affecting LINK. After the price jump, a correction followed, but in 2020 the token regained its growth during a general bullish trend.

At the beginning of 2020, the Chainlink price USD was $2.3, but in August 2020, the price rose more than 7 times to $19.85. In 2021, Chainlink reached its all-time high of $52.88 in September 2021, according to the chain link chart. After, a correction took place, and the asset’s value fell to $13.78 in July 2021. Chainlink all time high remains the same.


Chainlink Price Prediction

Analysts say the Chainlink rate will continue to grow, with a probability of rising to $60 per token over the next 5 years. Besides, Chainlink ath is $52.88.

Despite price fluctuations, LINK cryptocurrency price has the prerequisites for growth. These include that Chainlink is a crypto oracle, and the popularity of such tools for interacting blockchain with external data is only increasing. But Chainlink is just a cryptocurrency subject to global market movements and the influence of Bitcoin.

Note that no Chainlink crypto forecast can be 100% accurate, so be careful before taking action towards the crypto.

What to Do with Link?

Make payments

You can use LINK to pay for goods or services or send anyone, anywhere.

Trade LINK

You can buy Chainlink tokens or sell them if you are content with the current price of LINK and trade them in the short term to make a profit, depending on market conditions. Not only that, but you can use the asset to trade in pairs against USDT and BTC.

Exchange LINK

Exchange Chainlink to USD if you want to avoid losses during periods of high price volatility. You can also convert LINK to stablecoins such as USDT.

Store LINK

Knowing the LINK crypto price prediction, it is still impossible to predict the price movement scenario. Therefore, you can store the token for an extended period to profit from the future growth in the asset’s price.

Put in SMART Staking

You can put Chainlink tokens into a SMART staking plan to earn passively. Using strategies, you can make up to 28% of your profits in 360 days.

How to Stake Chainlink?

You can use Chainlink staking plans if you want to get a passive income from holding LINK. For it, go to the SMART Staking page on the exchange’s website and find all available plans. Once you’ve chosen the desired plan, specify the number of tokens you want to stake and click “Stake.”

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How to Invest in Chainlink and Why Invest in Chainlink?

The rate of the Chainlink token fluctuates, like the rate of other assets. LINK cryptocurrency forecast is optimistic so far. If you believe that the price of LINK will rise, then a small investment will do good. Some traders prefer to make it a long-term buy and hold it until the price rises.

If you wonder is Chainlink a good investment, first, evaluate the asset according to the following principles:

  • your crypto portfolio should not consist of a single asset;
  • the general dynamics of the market growth give the growth of LINK;
  • the dynamics of the asset are very different from the general market, which may indicate an unstable position of the token.

Despite how its rate will change in the future, Chainlink potential makes it a good source of investment due to its work with smart contracts, which has room for growth and scaling.

Regardless of the prospects and positive assessments, you need to invest as much as you can afford to lose.

How to Buy Chainlink?

You can buy this asset by placing an order on a crypto exchange or placing an ad on a P2P platform. You need to specify a token amount and have sufficient funds for buying LINK crypto. You can get tokens during a Chainlink drop as well. The airdrops usually require fulfilling some conditions to obtain tokens.

If you look for other ways how to buy Chainlink crypto, you can use exchange points if they deal with this crypto.

How to Trade Chainlink

If you don’t know how to sell Chainlink, the best idea would be to find a suitable trading strategy and start practicing it. You should also find or decide the best time to enter and exit trading positions.

How to Track Chainlink?

You can do it on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. Both services allow adding it to the watch lists. Both CMC and CoinGecko provide the opportunity to create your crypto portfolio. In addition, you can also track it using the TradingView all-time chart.

Chainlink Wallet

Traders store tokens in several ways:

Paper wallet

It’s beneficial because it doesn’t connect to the internet. This method is not the most convenient and safe. In the case of paper wallets, you simply write down the password and recovery phrases on paper and store them in a safe place.

Cold wallets

A widely used asset storage method in which hardware devices store private keys and allow interaction with the wallet without exposing the data. You can connect such a wallet ledger to a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Software wallets

You install these programs on your computer or phone to store crypto assets. Most of these wallets work online, but the companies that create such software are constantly improving its protection features.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

Exchanges allow you to store your assets in built-in wallets where you can trade Chainlink to dollar or Chainlink to euro and other currencies.


Can you stake Chainlink?

Yes, you can put the needed amount of tokens into one of the available SMART Staking plans and earn interest from 0.4% to 28% for staking it. You can stake Chainlink for 10, 20, 30, 90, 180, and 360 days.

What is the future of Chainlink?

If you want to know, does Chainlink have a future, do your research. As for now, the token steadily grows and can potentially increase its worth in the future.

Can Chainlink reach $10 000?

The cryptocurrency area is too volatile, so any predictions will not necessarily come true.

Is Chainlink a safe investment?

Investing only in one crypto is never safe. A diversified portfolio is the best investment choice. So, if you plan to add a LINK to your portfolio, ensure it won’t be the only asset on the list.

Why is Chainlink a good investment?

LINK is a promising token engaged in a crypto oracle project. Oracles are famous and help blockchains to interact with the outer world. So, while the Chainlink oracle is well-known and used, the token will be worth at least your attention. Besides, this asset can help you hedge investment risks, which is crucial for the crypto sector.

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