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Formula 1 in the Crypto World

Published 19 October 2022
Formula 1 in the Crypto World


Our Crypto Racing I was so hot that we decided to overcome its success in the new season. In this activity, you are not just spectators but those who can influence the outcome. Vote for your favorite asset in a pair and promote it to the final! Also, become a participant in the $300 prize pool giveaway πŸ˜‰

The conditions of Crypto Racing II are simple:

βœ… sign up on the exchange if you haven’t yet;

βœ… pass the identity verification;

βœ… follow us on Instagram;

βœ… fill in the form;

βœ… vote for your favorite assets in races;

βœ… vote in the final race.

❗️ 1 user can leave only 1 vote in the race.

Racing schedule:

Qualifying round

🚩 1st race β€” the 20th of October

🚩 2nd race β€” the 22nd of October

🚩 3rd race β€” the 25th of October

🚩 4th race β€” the 27th of October


🚩 5th race β€” the 29th of October

🚩 6th race β€” the 31st of October

The final

🏁 7th race β€” the 2nd of November

Duration: from the 19th of October till the 2nd of November

Prize pool: $300

Winners: 6

We’ve already selected the winners, so go find your name on the list:

πŸ‘ overt_cosmos#8207
πŸ‘ much_gala#6530
πŸ‘ Agent_smurf#0376
πŸ‘ Fantasy#3842
πŸ‘ past_whiteswap#3712
πŸ‘ Metaverse#2109

We will send the rewards as WhiteBIT Codes within 5 business days.

Take part in our activities, there are so many victories ahead!

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