🕵️ Unleash your inner Sherlock 🕵️

Published 12 August 2022
🕵️ Unleash your inner Sherlock 🕵️

You can do that in our new activity, where you can comment on the posts about crypto assets and get rewarded. Share interesting facts or your interaction experience with them & compete for a share of $300!

How to participate?

✔️ Sign up on our exchange if you haven’t yet.

✔️ Verify your identity.

✔️ Follow us on Twitter.

✔️ Leave a comment under any post about new tokens on Twitter.

✔️ Fill out the form.

Duration: from the 12th of August (11 a. m. UTC) till the 22nd of August (2 a.m. UTC)

Prize pool:$300

Winners: 30

We will determine 30 random winners on the 25th of August and send out the rewards as WhiteBIT Codes within 5 business days after that.

Good luck!

WhiteBIT Team

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