Deepen your knowledge with professionals

Published 12 May 2022
Deepen your knowledge with professionals


Great news for those who monitor the latest crypto updates. We’re excited to give you the opportunity to receive fresh reviews of your favorite cryptos within our new rubric. Let us know what cryptos you want our experts to analyze and enjoy the overview!

This is how it will work

You can vote for the cryptos you would like to learn more about. All you need to do is comment on our Telegram post with the tickers of cryptos and a hashtag, e.g., #BTC.

During the following week, the reviews of the 4 chosen cryptos will be posted on traders’ channels on TradingView.

The voting for the next week’s reviews is on till the 12th of May! Visit our Telegram now and let us know what crypto you would like to know more about!

WhiteBIT Team