What is DASH coin

Published 12 September 2022
What is DASH coin


DASH is a cryptocurrency derived from Bitcoin. The coin appeared in 2014 under the name Darkcoin. In 2015, crypto was renamed DASH, which stands for digital money.

Today, tokens are considered a worthy replacement for other popular coins. The cryptocurrency works on the Proof of Work algorithm. It ensures maximum transaction speed. After 1.5 minutes after the operation, tokens appear on the blockchain.

Founders Evan Duffield
Year of creation 2014
Max Volume 18 900 000 00
Ticker DASH
Standard BEP-20
Maximum price $1 437 46.
Project site DASH.org
White paper https://www.exodus.com/assets/docs/DASH-whitepaper.pdf

What is DASH crypto?

Let’s figure it out first, what is DASH? Even though DASH is technically a fork of Bitcoin, it is fundamentally different from dozens of other altcoins in the cryptocurrency market. It is an anonymous coin with a unique two-tier system, faster and more efficient than BTC. For example, The transaction takes only 2 seconds. This digital asset is positioned as a cheap and convenient alternative to fiat money, both at the local and macroeconomic levels.

DASH crypto news

DASH coin is considered one of the most developed cryptocurrencies. Decentralization and a multi-level protection system guarantee maximum security of transactions. Using PrivateSend technology increases privacy. Thanks to InstantSend, all operations are performed in a few seconds.

10% of the total cost goes to developing various coins. The basic goals are:

  • environmental support;
  • blockchain development;
  • supporting the popularity of the DASH project.

At the moment, coin DASH is in demand among newcomers to the cryptocurrency market and experienced investors. DASH coin news will help you stay updated with the latest information on the crypto market and quickly respond to changes in the currency’s value.

Features of mining DASH

Users are concerned about the question of how to mine DASH. DASH mining is easy. First things first, you need to get a suitable hardware. Note that crypto DASH can be efficiently mined with ASIC mining machines, whilst CPU or GPU cards are not suitable for it.

How does DASH work?

The cryptocurrency works on the Proof-of-Work algorithm. It ensures maximum transaction speed. After 1.5 minutes after the operation, tokens appear on the blockchain. According to the developers of DASH, the goal of the project is to make it easier to carry out transactions and manage the system. To achieve this, the network utilizes a group of masternodes. These are servers that are backed by the various collateral stored in the digital asset. They are designed to provide advanced services, such as private and instant messaging. In exchange for a small portion of the block rewards, the masternodes are able to provide a second level of service by facilitating various features.

Features of DASH

Anonymity and liquidity allow DASH crypto coin to occupy a leading position in cryptocurrency capitalization. Today, this digital asset has unlimited growth opportunities. At the same time, DASH’s decentralization offers equality to its holders. All network members can contribute their ideas for the development of cryptocurrency and implement various initiatives to solve problems.

The functioning of DASH token is associated with the following features:

  • Due to the high speed of transactions, the DASH coin is used to make everyday payments. DASH transactions are confirmed in just a couple of seconds.
  • DASH token has a PrivateSend function. It provides DASH coin privacy. When this function is activated, tokens transfer through nodes that divide them into several parts. It greatly complicates the docking of the information of the sender and recipient. Thus, one transaction can include two or more cycles. A new Masternode performs each mixing. It is impossible to trace the exact payment path.
  • The fee for sending DASH is much cheaper than for sending BTC.
  • DASH has gained particular popularity in countries with rising inflation. So, for example, at the time of the depreciation of the national currency of Venezuela (bolívar), the volume of investments in DASH increased sharply. This digital asset is used to conduct daily transactions with powerful encryption features.

Benefits of DASH

Today, many investors are following DASH crypto news. Such popularity of a digital asset is due to a wide range of its advantages:

  • High speed of transactions using the InstantSend service. According to the creators of DASH, it takes only 1 second to transfer into the system.
  • Decentralization. All DASH holders can influence decisions on the further development of the digital asset.
  • Additional anonymization due to the improved PrivateSend function.
  • The use of blockchain technology allows you to track the slightest changes in the network.
  • DASH mining algorithm, including eleven consecutive functions.
  • Combining PoW and PoS protocols allows traders and nodes to receive rewards.
  • Protection against hacker attacks. The X11 protocol is considered more advanced than SHA-256.

There is more and more DASH crypto news. It contributes to the development and popularization of the coin.

Disadvantages of DASH

The disadvantages of this digital asset are associated with its low prevalence. In particular:

  • There are far fewer DASH holders than Bitcoin holders. Thus, you will have to spend time on the transfer when making transactions or paying for goods and services on the Internet.
  • To date, there is no unified way or platform for buying DASH. There are different exchanges and exchange services where you can make an exchange, but the creators of the cryptocurrency themselves do not guarantee the absolute security of the operation. Thus, all transactions are associated with a particular risk.
  • Not all purchase methods are available in all countries. Some investors will probably need to make multiple transactions and even use darkcoin if necessary.

Despite these disadvantages and imperfections in the operation of DASH, the number of holders of this cryptocurrency is increasing every year. The developers themselves make a considerable contribution to its popularization. They constantly update and expand the functionality of digital assets, ensuring the maximum degree of privacy.

How can DASH cryptocurrency be used?

Beginners are interested in how does DASH cryptocurrency work. Coins can be used:

  • for transfers to recipients living in other countries or continents. The DASH payment system is prevalent in different parts of the world. At the same time, the transaction fee is minimal.
  • to pay for goods and services. The DASH cryptocurrency can be used by both private investors (individuals) and large transnational companies. The system provides absolute anonymity and allows conducting transactions with a minimum fee.
  • DASH can be exchanged for fiat money or any other cryptocurrency as an investment instrument with high liquidity. It has its course, which does not depend on the economic situation in the world.
  • for trading. If you want to make money on the difference in rates, DASH cryptocurrency can be used as an additional source of profit. There are many platforms (crypto exchanges and exchange services) where you can exchange on the most favorable terms.

Like BTC, DASH is actively used around the world. This asset enables one to make quick payments and maintain complete anonymity of the transaction.


DASH is not only an excellent digital asset, but also a payment system based on the BTC code. Hence, it is easy to conduct transactions with complete confidentiality. Token holders can make transfers, pay for goods and services, and carry out online purchases worldwide. Hundreds of stores from dozens of countries work with DASH cryptocurrency.

The DASH payment system is confidential, and this is its main advantage. The network is dominated by absolute equality, which is not limited to the peer-to-peer system. All DASH holders can be vocal about their ideas for improving the network and jointly make confident decisions.


How is DASH issued?
The emission of the DASH cryptocurrency occurs through mining. At the same time, 90% of the remuneration is distributed among the miners, and 10% is directed to finance priority projects. DASH, like BTC, has a blockchain. It is mined and traded on exchanges.
Where is DASH crypto used?
This digital asset is actively used in everyday settlements. Instant transaction processing, privacy, and hacking protection make it possible to use DASH cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services on the Internet.
Is it possible to make money on DASH?
At the moment, the DASH cryptocurrency is in the TOP-50 coins in terms of market capitalization. Traders can earn both on investing and on stock speculation.

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