Published 21 October 2021


What is DYN?

Duality (DYN) is a decentralized application development platform that has the potential to change how healthcare systems are designed, built, and interact with each other. DYN is building data infrastructure and interaction structure to help support the foundation for information sharing across all frontiers of the healthcare sector.

The Duality project aims to reduce barriers to healthcare innovation by developing an intuitive data management platform that is highly secure, globally scalable, and provides developers with new and sustainable business models for their apps.

Duality’s features:

  • The ecosystem is built on global health data standards, including HIPAA, HITECH, and GDPR.
  • Hybrid public and private blockchain infrastructure to securely manage confidential data.
  • DYN coin is built with new industry standards in mind, including CMS-9115-F, SMART on FHIR, and OAuth 2.
  • High level of scalability.

Blockchain technology offers the healthcare industry a decentralized level of trust that eliminates the human factor. Through distributed ledger technology, the security, privacy, and interoperability of medical data can be improved. Based on mathematics and cryptography, blockchain creates a measurable approach to data privacy that removes numerous barriers to healthcare innovation.

DYN price

In March 2017, the DYN exchange rate was $0.60, and in December 2017, the price increased to $7.24. After that, there was a correction, and the cost of the token decreased to $0.32. To find out the current price of the coin, go to the trading terminal of the WhiteBIT exchange.

DYN prospects

Duality has integrated several key healthcare technologies and APIs, including:

– biometric identification based on artificial intelligence;

– hashed FHIR profiles;

– algorithms for matching machine learning data;

– smart contracts;

– decentralized computing;

– the industry’s first peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing protocol using WebRTC.

Combined, these technologies can be used to support global health data interoperability without compromising privacy or security.

Duality includes both public and private permissionless blockchain infrastructure for deploying and running decentralized applications.

The DYNamic Public Blockchain (DYN) functions as an open, highly redundant, and accessible API framework used to audit, validate, and request access to private side chains. Proof-of-Work consensus algorithms are used to reach an agreement on transactions and maintain trust between nodes, rather than for centralized change management and administration.

How to buy DYN?

You can buy cryptocurrency on the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange. It can be done on the “Trade” tab.


How to convert DYN to USDT?
You can buy digital currencies on the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange. It can be done on the “Trade” page or via the Bitcoin Global P2P platform.
What is the DYN to USDT exchange limit?
There are no limits on the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange, which means that you can exchange any number of coins.
DYN to USDT. Exchange rate details.
To find out the current price of the DYN token against USDT, use the trading terminal.
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