First SoulDrop and an Additional Reward

Published 04 September 2023
First SoulDrop and an Additional Reward


Along with introducing WB Network Mainnet, we launched our reward distribution activity, SoulDrop. It is a great opportunity to get rewarded every 30 days for having WBT in Holding. You can read more about SoulDrop in this article. The first batch of rewards is already in, and we’ve decided to celebrate it with another bonus for our users!

What can you get?

After completing a few simple steps, you will be rewarded with a Soulbound Token from our First Claim collection. Soulbound Tokens are assets associated with a specific Soul on the WB Network. They cannot be sold or transferred. They will be yours forever and will demonstrate your achievements and rewards.

How to receive the SBT?

Here is what you need to do to get an SBT from the First Claim collection:

Step 1 

Actively use all WBT advantages (this condition is already completed 😉).

Step 2

Claim your SoulDrop reward. It’s available for those users who completed our SoulDrop conditions.

Step 3

Screenshot your SoulDrop reward and share the picture on your socials. Don’t forget to tag us (Twitter: @wb__network & Discord: @whiteBIT) and add #souldrop_wbt.

Step 4

Screenshot your post with tags and share it on the First Claim thread of our Discord server with your Soul ID.

The activity will take place from the 4th till the 15th of September. Read the legal terms of the activity here.

Fulfill the requirements and enjoy your well-deserved reward!