Casting for the Legendary Six: Prove Your Superhero Power

Published 26 September 2022
Casting for the Legendary Six: Prove Your Superhero Power


Have you noticed that you are different from others? Do you manage to be the first to comment on posts on super popular channels and even without editing? Are you literally the master of Telegram but don’t know how to benefit from it?

If so, you are the perfect fit for the new superhero in the Legendary Six! They precisely lack your superpowers. Plus, you can get a share of the $100* prize pool!

Remember that with great power comes great responsibility. Feel free to show yourself and follow a little instruction:

💪 follow us on Telegram

💪 register on the exchange if you haven’t already

💪 fill out the form

💪 comment on posts in the top six until the end of the activity

Duration: from the 23th of September till the 7st of October

Prize pool: $100

Winners: 6

*as a WhiteBIT Code

☝️ Who will NOT receive a reward:

🙅 users who use services for automated comments

🙅 users not registered on the exchange

🙅 participants who have not verified their identity

🙅 participants with invalid personal documents

🙅 accounts that violate the rules of the platform (multiple accounts, exchange services, etc.)

🙅 users from Russia, Belarus, Crimea, and the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine

Our heroes will receive the rewards via e-mail as WhiteBIT Codes within 5 working days after the announcement.

Prove that you deserve to be in the Legendary Six!

WhiteBIT Team