What is FROGE

Published 14 September 2021
What is FROGE


What is FROGE?

FROGE is a cryptocurrency project created to raise funds for fighting global warming and saving rainforests. According to its founders, FROGE is a charity DeFi version of DOGE.

FROGE is the first deflationary eco-token. From every transaction in the network, 1% is redistributed to all holders, 1% is burned, and 0.1% is transferred to Cool Earth, a non-profit organization that combats climate change and deforestation. Please note that such a redistribution model is not implemented on WhiteBIT. However, users are offered convenient functionality for fast trading with low fees on the platform.

FROGE price

The deflationary nature of the FROGE token allows it to remain scarce and valuable. After every operation in the network, the total supply decreases, creating the background for price growth.

How to use FROGE?

  • Trading.
  • Payments.

How to purchase FROGE?

One cannot buy FROGE for fiat. First, you need to purchase another crypto to exchange it for FROGE tokens. Sign up on WhiteBIT and buy USDT for fiat. Then place an order to purchase FROGE at a profitable price. Please note there is a minimum order limit set on WhiteBIT. It equals 5 USDT.


- Sign up on WhiteBIT.
- Buy USDT for fiat money.
- Place an order.

The minimal order limit on WhiteBIT is 5 USDT.

- There’s no direct way to purchase FROGE for fiat.
- Buy USDT on WhiteBIT.
- Place an order to exchange it for FROGE tokens.