What is HOGL

Published 13 September 2021
What is HOGL


What is HOGL?

HOGL is a deflationary crypto asset based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). One of the project’s advantages is low fees. According to the HOGL’s deflationary model, every transaction is taxed with a 2% fee (1% is burnt, and 1% is distributed among all token holders). This redistributive model is not implemented on WhiteBIT. Instead, users can enjoy fast trading without overpayments.

HOGL price

There will never be more HOGL in circulation than there is now. The asset maintains scarcity due to its deflationary architecture. Every time somebody uses HOGL, the total supply decreases. This creates a potential for price growth.

How to use HOGL?

  • Trading.
  • Payments.
  • Interest-bearing (SMART Staking on WhiteBIT offers a 3-month HOGL deposit plan with a 6% interest rate).

How to purchase HOGL?

There is no way to buy HOGL for fiat money. You will need to purchase another crypto first. Sign up on WhiteBIT and buy USDT for fiat. Then place an order to exchange USDT for HOGL on your terms. Please note that there is a minimum order limit set on the platform. It equals the amount of 5 USDT.


Place an order on WhiteBIT.

The minimal order limit on WhiteBIT is 5 USDT.

- You cannot purchase HOGL with fiat.
- Sign up on WhiteBIT.
- Buy USDT.
- Place an order to purchase HOGL.