Published 27 September 2021


What is HOKK?

HOKK Finance is a community-focused DeFi project. HOKK’s top priorities are inclusiveness, innovation, and functionality.

HOKK is a fully decentralized deflationary meme token. The network implements a redistribution model, according to which 2% of the amount of any operation is distributed among all token holders. On WhiteBIT, exchange users have access to convenient functionality and fast trading with a commission of only 0.1%.

HOKK coin price

The deflationary nature of the HOKK token helps keep it scarce and stabilize the price. With every transaction on the network, the total supply of tokens decreases. Thus, thanks to the HOKK redistribution model, all holders have the opportunity to receive passive income.

What can you use HOKK coin for?

There are several options for using HOKK:

  • Keep.
  • To trade.
  • Spend.

How do I buy HOKK?

HOKK cryptocurrency is not sold for cash. To purchase, you need a different crypt. Register on WhiteBIT, buy DECL, and place an order to buy HOKK profitably.


How to convert HOKK to DECL?
With an order on WhiteBIT.
What is the limit for exchanging HOKK for DECL?
The minimum order limit is the equivalent of 5 USDT.
How to purchase HOKK?
- Register for WhiteBIT (if you don't have an account yet).
- Buy DECL.
- Place an order to buy HOKK.

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