Do’s & don’ts for safe trading

Published 21 July 2021



  1. Inform yourself of how to detect scam projects (fake crypto giveaways, phishing emails, trading bot scams).
  2. Always enable 2FA.
  3. Generate different passwords for different platforms.
  4. Do your own research.
  5. Choose a platform with KYC verification.
  6. Store your assets on cold wallets.


  1. Never share your password.
  2. Avoid making digital copies of your passwords.
  3. Try not to use public Wi-Fi.
  4. Don’t simply trust influencers or other traders without checking the info.
  5. WhiteBIT doesn’t DM the users on Telegram first. Don’t take such messages for real.
  6. Never let panic take over, analyze instead.

WhiteBIT team