KYC Verification in a Few Clicks with Diia

Published 17 March 2022
KYC Verification in a Few Clicks with Diia


We are pleased to announce the integration with the Diia service to help millions of Ukrainian citizens to get fast access to the recently legalized crypto market. Most importantly, it will help to raise funds for the civilians affected by war, the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and territorial defense forces.

Diia is a new level of interaction between the state and the citizens: convenient and humane. Everything is always at hand on your smartphone.

You can get 72 public services on the portal and access 13 of your digital documents and 15 services in the app.

Now, Ukrainian citizens can forget about filling out forms and scanning documents. It became possible to pass KYC in just 1 minute using the Diia app. They just need to follow a few simple steps according to the instructions below.

Step 1. Select “Quick verification with the Diia app” in the verification methods.

Step 2.1. If the browser version of WhiteBIT is used for verification, open the Diia app and scan the QR code on the screen.

Step 2.2. If the WhiteBIT mobile app is used, click the “Open Diia” button or scan the QR code using another smartphone with the Diia app installed.

Step 3. Confirm the transfer of documents on the Diia app.

Step 4. Wait for the verification of documents to be completed.

Read more detailed instructions in Ukrainian here.

It is the first cooperation between a cryptocurrency exchange and an online government service in Ukraine, which will make the verification process faster and more reliable than ever.

WhiteBIT Team

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