Your Stories — Our Gifts

Published 06 February 2023
Your Stories — Our Gifts


How did you get here? Where did you come from? Make yourself comfortable and talk. In return, we will give you some gifts.

Here is what to do: 

  • Sign up on our exchange and pass identity verification;
  • Join our Discord server;
  • Leave a message in our Discord channel (#activities) with an explanation on which social network did you see a post about it;
  • Fill out the form.


  • You are not allowed to join the activity if you are a user from Belarus or the Russian Federation.
  • You can take part one time. Only in English or only in the Ukrainian Discord server.

Duration: from the 6 till 21 February

Prize pool: 100 USDT

Winners: 5

On the 28 of February, we will announce 5 random winners. Afterward, they will receive their rewards on WhiteBIT account within five business days.

We are ready to listen to you!

And the winners become…

Tired of waiting? And the winners of the activity are already here:


Thanks everyone for your participation. The winners will receive their prizes within 5 working days.