Crypto Biathlon: The Hunting Season for QR Codes Is Open

Published 03 February 2022

At this stage of Cryptolympics, your attentiveness can earn you bonus points and USDT. Starting from the 3rd of February, we will hide QR codes on the banners of our news. The participants who find them first will receive prizes.

Crypto biathlon rules:

👉 look for the QR codes on the banners of our social media posts;

👉 be the first one to activate them in the code section of the WhiteBIT app using the camera or uploading a screenshot;

👉 you will receive 1 USDT and 10 points for each successfully activated code;

👉 the user who activates the most codes during the crypto biathlon will receive 20 USDT additionally after the activity ends.

Duration: from the 3rd till the 28th of February.

Keep in mind that participation in the activities of the Cryptolympics can bring not only prizes but also bonus points. They will get you a few steps closer to winning the gold medal and becoming the champion of our Cryptolympics. Read more about this activity here.

Become the most accurate code hunter!

WhiteBIT Team

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