KYC Verification With the Diia Mobile App

Published 31 March 2022
KYC Verification With the Diia Mobile App


Our exchange is glad to announce the integration with the Ukrainian service called Diia so that as many Ukrainians as possible can have quick access to the cryptocurrency market in Ukraine.

Diia is a new level of interaction between the state and its citizens: convenient and humane. The service provides an innovative solution that can make the life of Ukrainians a little easier, saving them from bureaucracy. With the help of Diia, Ukrainian citizens can use public services online instead of spending time collecting documents in separate state offices. In the Diia mobile app, you can also store electronic of documents that can be used if necessary. The portal provides access to over 70 public services online, and the mobile application enables the users to access 13 digital documents and 10 services.

This collaboration will enhance the experience of our users as well. Now, the citizens of Ukraine can pass KYC verification using the Diia mobile app. When passing KYC verification from a laptop, open the Diia application, scan the QR code and confirm the use of document copies. When passing KYC from a smartphone, click the “Open Diia” button or scan the QR code using another smartphone that has the Diia app installed.

The cooperation with the Diia service is a real indicator of the trust our exchange has on the part of users and government agencies. Such steps help create favorable conditions for the development of the cryptocurrency industry, especially considering the recently adopted law on the regulation of digital assets in Ukraine.

WhiteBIT Team