lifecell & WhiteBIT: The Activity Competition Date Is Postponed

Published 28 February 2021
lifecell & WhiteBIT: The Activity Competition Date Is Postponed


Ukraine is currently at war. The Prizes from WhiteBIT activity will be extended until the end of May 2022. We apologize for the inconvenience and additional waiting.

According to the activity conditions, the users who sign up on WhiteBIT using their lifecell number, pass KYC verification, replenish the user’s balance on the exchange and purchase BTC for 200, 500, or 1000 UAH during the activity period can take part in the giveaway of valuable prizes. Find out all the details about the activity here.

The users who have already fulfilled all the activity conditions before the 28th of February inclusive and have been looking forward to the results will receive compensation as WhiteBIT Codes for 10 USDT to the e-mail used for signing up on the exchange. If the compensation is not received via e-mail before the 4th of March, please contact the WhiteBIT customer support.

We will inform you about any changes in the dates by e-mail.

WhiteBIT Team