What is LOFI

Published 30 September 2021
What is LOFI


What is LOFI

LOFI-DEFI Decentralized Cryptocurrency (LOFI) is built to support creative people and is community managed. To implement their idea, the creators are going to launch an NFT platform, on which it will be possible to monetize their art.

LOFI is a deflationary ERC-20 token based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). For each LOFI transaction, 8% is charged as a commission. 5% of these is distributed among all token holders, 2% is burned, and another 1% is transferred to the company’s marketing wallet. This redistribution is not implemented on WhiteBIT. In return, users have the ability to trade with a minimum commission.

LOFI coin price

Due to this redistribution model LOFI-DEFI, the asset remains in short supply.

What can LOFI coin be used for?

There are several use cases for LOFI:

  • Trading.
  • Payment for goods and services.
  • Investment with interest (WhiteBIT has a 30-day LOFI deposit plan with 5% interest rate).

How to purchase LOFI?

LOFI cryptocurrency cannot be purchased with fiat money. To get started, register on WhiteBIT and buy USDT. Then place an order to buy LOFI at a desired price. The exchange has a minimum exchange limit of 5 USDT.


How to convert LOFI to USDT?
Place an order on WhiteBIT.
What is the limit for exchanging LOFI for USDT?
The minimum order limit for all pairs on WhiteBIT is 5 USDT.
How to purchase LOFI?
- You cannot buy LOFI with cash.
- Buy USDT on WhiteBIT and exchange for LOFI.

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