Make WBT your plus-one πŸ‘€

Published 18 November 2022
Make WBT your plus-one πŸ‘€


Add WBT to the Watchlist on CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap to get a share of 200 WBT! You need to:

  1. pass identity verification;
  2. add WBT to Watchlist or My Portfolio;
  3. publish the screenshot of your Watchlist or My Portfolio as a post on your Twitter with #WBT and @WhiteBit;
  4. follow our Twitter;
  5. fill out the form.

Duration: from the 18th till the 30th of November

Prize pool: 200 WBT

Winners: 100

We will announce the winners on the 6th of December. They will get the rewards as WhiteBIT Codes within 5 business days.


  • if you added WBT on both platforms, it increases your chance of winning;
  • fill out the form separately for each post.

Put your nickname correctly:

βœ–οΈ nickname

βœ”οΈ nickname#1234

Join the activity & grab a fast buck!

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