All about MATIC

Published 21 September 2021
All about MATIC


What is the MATIC cryptocurrency?

The main task of Polygon (ticker MATIC) is to create a decentralized, stable, secure, and scalable blockchain. Through the second-level blockchain, the project creators strive to provide an opportunity for third-party developers to create a variety of more decentralized applications, services, and products.

Polygon provides a solution that allows other blockchains to scale. With its help, existing networks can solve this problem without sacrificing decentralization. Using Polygon technology, other projects will be able to achieve mass adoption and implementation in various sectors of the economy.

The first blockchain whose scalability the MATIC development team is striving to increase is Ethereum. This is not a random choice since the Ethereum Foundation is the largest community of developers globally. And it’s no secret that the Ethereum ecosystem still suffers from problems with the user interface and scalability.

By integrating Ethereum’s decentralized applications with Polygon Network’s second-tier scaling solutions, MATIC can simplify the interaction between users and the decentralized world.

Due to the implemented Plasma framework, an unlimited number of applications can run simultaneously on the Polygon network. One Polygon sidechain can process up to 65 thousand transactions per second, and it takes less than two seconds to confirm a new block. Such characteristics allow you to create accessible decentralized applications.

MATIC cryptocurrency is the internal tokens of the Polygon network in the ERC-20 format. They were created based on the Ethereum blockchain. With the help of MATIC coins, users can make calculations within the ecosystem. Transaction fees can also be paid exclusively through MATIC coin.

The price of the MATIC cryptocurrency

On the first day of trading, on April 29, 2019, it was possible to buy MATIC for $0.0034. But in less than a month, the price of the token soared to $0.029. Until January 2021, the coin was trading in approximately the same price range. In February 2021, the growth began, which lasted for three months, and in May 2021, the MATIC rate was $2.45. That is, the profit of the first investors at the peak was 63,200%.

Prospects for MATIC coin

The Polygon network is actively developing; the number of addresses created on its basis has exceeded the mark of 1 million. In addition, Polygon is the basis of more than 50 digital assets: MATIC, DAI, Quickswap, USDT, Chain Games, etc. Also, many decentralized projects are gradually migrating to the Polygon network: Polkamarkets, Uniswap, SportX, 1inch Network, SushiSwap, etc.

In other words, the project has already proven itself, and many experts consider it very promising. The high popularity of Polygon is caused by almost free transactions and the high speed of their processing.

Based on all of the above and the increased interest of investors in the DeFi and NFT sector, the exchange rate of the coin will continue to grow. But it would help if you approached investments with a cool head; experts advise you to diversify your risks and keep several digital coins in your portfolio.

How to purchase the MATIC cryptocurrency?

You can buy MATIC in a couple of minutes, for this you need to perform just a few simple actions:

  1. Log in to your account on the WhiteBit exchange (register in two clicks if you don’t have an account yet).
  2. Go to the “Trade” section
  3. Select the desired pair
  4. Create an order

If you have an already registered account, such actions will take no more than a minute.


How to convert MATIC to BTC?
In the "trade" section, you need to find a trading pair and create an order.
What is the limit for exchanging MATIC for BTC?
The minimum purchase amount on the WhiteBIT exchange:
- 5.05 USD, USDT;
- 4.20 EUR;
- 0.0001 BTC.
MATIC to BTC. Details of the course
To find out the current value, follow this link.

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