☄️ Show your sense of humor and win ☄️

Published 14 December 2021

We’re launching a meme contest together with SafeMoon. Think of a joke associated with SMI and WhiteBIT, post it and become one of the 3 winners to share the $600 prize pool (in SMI).

Here’s what to do:

✔️ follow @WhiteBit & @SafeMoonInu on Twitter;
✔️ like and repost this tweet;
✔️ post your meme and tag #WhiteBIT_meme;
✔️ fill in this form.

Please note:

📌 1 participant can submit only 1 meme;
📌 indicate the e-mail you’ve used for registration on WhiteBIT;
📌 explicit language, sexism, racism, etc., are prohibited;
📌 the copyrights are the responsibility of the participant;
📌 WhiteBIT has full rights to post your memes;
📌 SafeMoon will choose 3 winners.

Duration: from the 14th of December (11 a.m. UTC) till the 20th of December (11 a.m. UTC).
Prize pool: $600 (in SMI).
Winners: 3.

WhiteBIT Team

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