🔍 How good of a hunter are you? 🔍

Published 21 November 2021

We are about to hide a reward in some of our posts for you, so, watch out for it!

Dates: 22.11 – 26.11

Location: Telegram chat

What to do:

  • look for 5 parts of one WhiteBIT code
  • Reconstruct the code and guess the password. The password consists of 3 characters (three letters in uppercase) which we have hidden in this poll.
  • Be the first one who activates the code and get your reward.
  • Let us know in chat after you activate the code 🙂

We don’t recommend using the API for WhiteBIT code activation. This may affect the amount of your reward 😉

Here is an example of a WhiteBIT code: WB88029c96-777e-45cc-96c9-fb0a0f3a47e5USDT

Good luck!

WhiteBIT Team

Other activities

⚡️ Don’t let your savings lie idle ⚡️

⚡️ Don’t let your savings lie idle ⚡️

We have got a new SMART Staking plan with MyLottoCoin!

12 January 2022
💰 Build wealth SMARTly💰

💰 Build wealth SMARTly💰

The PKRFI SMART Staking plan is already available!

22 October 2021