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Published 30 December 2021

Our first Trading competition of 2022 will be held in partnership with Mirai from the 1st till the 10th of January. Trade the MIRAI/USDT pair and win a part of the 2 000 670 000 MIRAI prize pool.

💪 Join now and show them how it’s done!

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🌠 The force has awoken 🌠

🌠 The force has awoken 🌠

Participate in the development of new trade routes of the galaxy, get rewarded, and receive honorary titles!

27 June 2022
Invite Your Friends to WhiteBIT And Win

Invite Your Friends to WhiteBIT And Win

Bring your friends to the crypto world and share the $3400* prize pool! Also, you will regularly receive 40% of your referrals’ trading fees.

06 June 2022