Published 16 September 2021

What is NCAT

NCAT is a meme token created on the Binance Smart Chain. It is a community-driven project using a DAO smart contract. The NCAT adheres to the basic principles of decentralization and freedom of choice.

NCAT cryptocurrency is a deflationary token. 4% of each transaction is distributed among all holders, and another 5% is added to liquidity. This functionality is not implemented on WhiteBIT, however, the exchange offers users a commission of 0.1% and a convenient interface for quick trading.

NCAT coin price

The deflationary nature of the NCAT token keeps it scarce. After each operation on the NCAT network, the total number of tokens in circulation decreases, which can contribute to the price increase.

What can you use NCAT coin for?

  • For trading.
  • To pay for goods and services.

How to get NCAT

NCAT cryptocurrency is not sold for fiat. First, you need to buy a crypt in order to exchange it for NCAT tokens (the easiest way is to purchase DECL). To do this, register on WhiteBIT and buy coins (DECL). Then place an order to buy NCAT at a bargain price. The exchange has a minimum order limit for all pairs – 5 USDT.


How to convert NCAT to DECL?
Place an order on the exchange.
What is the limit for exchanging NCAT for DECL?
The minimum order limit for all pairs on WhiteBIT is the equivalent of 5 USDT.
How to get NCAT
It is not possible to buy NCAT directly with fiat.
1) Register on WhiteBIT.
2) Buy DECL.
3) Exchange DECL to NCAT using an order.

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