What is NCAT cryptocurrency

Published 30 June 2022
What is NCAT cryptocurrency


Nurse Cat is a payment system aiming to change the blockchain’s typical payment stack. It uses a basket of stablecoins that is algorithmically stabilized by the NCAT assets to alleviate programmable payments and build public financial infrastructure.

Founded 2021
Maximum supply 1 000 000 00 000 000
Ticker NCAT
Network BEP-20
All-time high $0,000000110043
Project’s website https://nursecat.co/

What is NCAT?

NCAT is a meme token created on BEP-20. NCAT is a project led by the entity via the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) smart contract. NCAT adheres to the basic principles of decentralization and freedom of choice.

NCAT cryptocurrency is a deflationary token. 4% of each transaction is distributed among holders, and another 5% is added to liquidity. This feature is not implemented on WhiteBIT, but the exchange offers users a commission of 0.1% and a user-friendly interface for quick trading.

How does NCAT work?

As it was mentioned before, Nurse Cat is a DAO project. A DAO is a community-driven entity without a central authority. Such projects are stand-alone and clear. It means that smart contracts lay down fundamental regulations, fulfill agreed decisions, suggestions, and voting can be subjected to a public audit.

Ultimately, the DAO is totally managed by its separate members, who together make all the crucial solutions for the project development.

By and large, entity members create suggestions for future work and then collectively vote. Then suggestions that reach a certain level of unanimity are admitted and applied according to the rules established in the smart contract.

A relatively similar hierarchical structure exists in huge corporations. Each particular member observes the protocol at some level.

What can you use NCAT coin for?

  • For trading

 You can try to make money on small but frequent price fluctuations by buying a token cheaper and selling it more expensively. On WhiteBIT, you can use 6 order types, as well as a completely free Demo Token, to practice trading and try out the exchange’s tools before using real money.

  • To pay for goods and services

A growing number of businesses across various segments – from huge tech to airlines allow customers to use cryptocurrency as an official payment method for their products and services.

  • Hold

Hold the crypto on the exchange balance or in a crypto wallet, wait for the asset’s price to rise, and sell it at a higher price to earn.

  • Transfer

Use the convenient and fast exchange tool, WhiteBIT Code, to transfer an asset to another user without any commissions.


The NCAT value is supposed to increase soon. According to experienced traders’ thoughts, the NCAT token can skyrocket before 2030.

The minimum order limit for all pairs on WhiteBIT is the equivalent of 5 USDT.

Its cost is calculated by supply and demand. Thus, the asset price increases in case of increasing demand and decreasing supply.